Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano ( Cuba – Italy)

Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano ( Cuba – Italy)
Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano was born in Cuba.
Published works:
“Pensieri trasognati per un sogno”, 2013.
“Fra distruzione e rinascita: la vita” , 2014.
“Diario di una ipocrita”, 2014.
“Vita su un ponte di legno”, 2014.
“Cuori Attorno a una favola”, 2014.
“Tracce di semi sonori con i colori della vita”, 2014.
“Sensi da sfogliare”, 2014.
“Piccoli fermioni d’amore”, 2015
“ Due amanti noi”, 2015
“Credibili incertezze, 2016”
“Frammenti di sole e nebbia sull’Appennino, 2016”
“Soffio di anime erranti”, 2017.
Upcoming publications “Fotogrammi di confine” with the editing
house ‘Laura Capone’ and “Inventario di cose perdute’’ with the editing house ‘Leonida Edizioni’.
“Tristano e Isotta. La storia si ripete” 2018 – SwanBook Edizioni
Demamah il signore del deserto – Demamah: el señor del desierto
2019 – Monetti Editore.
Not the river you offer
But the sea that you are
“I Want” I love You
Body Waves,
Fluid salvation of entails,
Stormy Current,
Drag of Abysses
Inside the Heart
You’re hiding.
Exists, they say,
a train that goes to Tozeur,
a train like a lightning
fallen onto a spike,
full of aromas,
of past flavors,
of forgotten steps
along the path of violets.
There is another train
and I ride alone,
pushed by the hand of a bird
in the blue transparency
from the sky.
Exists a journey in the mystery,
where each step is paid
with the wounds,
stuck to the mind.
Exists a trip of slow hours
used in readings and contemplations.
There is a body’s trip,
through the emotions
of deep eyes
and of impulsive breaths.
We travel, we travel alive
in the red twilights
hidden in our veins.
Sometimes we travel
with full hands
of seeds with roots
that grow upwards;
sometimes we have to bend the knees
against the asphalt
to pray for a need,
that more than a dream,
It is a requirement,
That explodes in our world.
(Free Fall)
Given the heaven of Falls,
I want to fall,
Rain over your face,
Lifted from eyelashes
of a group of Dreams,
Dancers with Rhythm
Over your eyes
of few common places
and laughter of cravings.

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