SACRED FEMININITY (A collaborative poem by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan on the occasion of International Women’s Day)

(A collaborative poem by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan on the occasion of International Women’s Day)
Celebrate sacred femininity,
Lift females from obscurity,
Acknowledge their power and divinity,
Restore their freedom and dignity.
Beyond form & duality is that divine essence,
Vast and dynamic is its omnipresence,
Pervading lives, an immanence,
Sacred femininity is that “Goddessence”.
How this power be only in masculine form?
To gender assignment it can’t conform,
So alive, so infinite and so free,
Made from love & made to love is femininity.
She is the ever changing sea of emotions,
Unending source of love filled with devotion,
She has the Universe inside of her,
A great inventor, innovator and creator.
She is the beacon light showing right way,
Her hands pull us from going astray,
Every man has traits of femininity,
It is for us to bring out that for tranquility.
The feminine is the matrix of creation,
Depth of it’s mystery was sadly forgotten,
Divine light create bodies in wombs of women,
Feminity can bring spiritual transformation.
Let’s reclaim this potential of feminine,
Feel its connection to earth for salvation,
Honor Her presence within our soul,
For peace to prevail in this earth in whole.
Was she a woman ever to be
in her love NO ONE to see
For she was a divine light only meant to be
Where everyone looked
nowhere ‘her’ to see
For she lived ‘only’ for herself
in her ‘others’ to be
in her love forever to be the love promised
in a hope
in it ‘never’ to be
‘Snuffed out’ in a moments daylight
To call out ‘all night’
If this is heaven god tell me
what my hell will be
In it to ignite it’s burning light in me
Wherever I live ‘nowhere’ as me
Just my life ‘in me’ to be
Dimmed out
it’s death to see
In your tears drenched
in it’s wrecked wreath to be
the ‘’wretched ‘’me
In it’s unwarranted death
it’s death warrant to be
Love me don’t hate me
Don’t devour me
Don’t break me
Just let me be that me
That waits for ‘another’ in it to see
The ‘real loved’ that lived in me
to never be ‘me’
Set me free
In gods love to just roam free
In his love to become that me
That ‘never’ lived in me
Now in me wants to be free
Flee 🕊
In a love forgotten
that once lived in me
to be no more me
Love me.
Copyright:- Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan
Artwork by Akemi Amanogawa Ichi

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