SEARCHING, WITH SEAGULLS? / Poem by Roula Pollard

Poem by Roula Pollard
I am no longer a citizen.
Where is my young country?
Had I mixed it up with heaven?
Am I like a hermit in an archipelago
in a different sea with seagulls flying over?
Yes, I raise up the flag every morning
when fresh dawn colors awaken sea breezes.
Seagulls watch the ceremonial rituals
silently. When I pull down the flag
reflecting on nocturnal waters,
the sea waves I hear, then silence
climbs over the seawall and we sing
the national anthem. On the sea
a familiar combat of scattered colors
under sunken boats.
Where is the coast guard
to search for survivors, do I have
firework warnings, can I send SOS
Where is the energy of my heart
to move mountains? Where are
the next, nearer seas? I have bandages
oxygen masks, syringes and cotton wool.
A nurse I am, for hearts on frozen waters
on deflated boats, in danger of sinking
hearts with fewer hopes without country
or home, no help in the night light
only with seabirds’ company, sea breeze
in the middle of nowhere, where
neither the moon
nor distant stars
want to know
what goes on
in this lost world
© Roula Pollard

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