Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
You are the pulse of my thoughts…
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
my pen writes
what my heart dictates:
you are my poem
the pulse of my thoughts
the beats of my words
the voice of my inspiring muse
you are my poem
a beauty in my heart
a beauty in my soul
i confess
the truth is:
I am truly honored that meet you
My ink
Early morning
Paper is on the desk
I write for me
My ink is my blood
I like your eyes
my world is ..
my pen writes what my soul dictates
I like your eyes
so beautiful and warm
I am alone
The night
Old and ugly
I am alone again.
Oh! Embrace me,
be with me forever
You are my beautiful angel.
No more struggle.
I love you with all my heart and soul
Your heart is gently
dedicate my turkish friend
I woke up
Your face like the morning dew.
Your heart is gentle as the white dove.
you are meek and adorable man.
You are my life
You are my everything
I play with your hair
Your head in my lap
I feel i am born again
how beautiful..
slowly i wake up..
we kisses
how soft
how beautiful moment
you stole my heart
you stole my soul..
I feel
I feel
I feel full
but yet empty.
Intensely sharp,
but yet dull.

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