TTN 1555: APPOINTMENT / Poem by Tống Thu Ngân (Mimosa Purple)

Poem by Tống Thu Ngân (Mimosa Purple)
TTN 1555
I missed an appointment in the old street once
The hills are spacious and windy in the four sides
I messed up my troubled hair in confusion
Dating just for missing the boats
I miss an appointment with someone without an appointment
An immense road on the slope of life
I make an appointment with you in a falling afternoon
Then a moment in life lost
The forest this afternoon with bare feet we walk in consciousness
I go on walking in my life
There are many things worth living for
A little longer, I give you a little bit
The royal night spreads a strong scent of happiness
The gecko kept bustling loudly
We light a candle in a couple rows
The end is not over because of the overwhelming aroma
In midst of silence, he hugged his juniors to sing
The love song echoes about
We both light up the passion
Meeting after many millennia …

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