THE ALIEN EYES (by Fakhira Batool)




Poem Written By Fakhira Batool

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Translation By


Muhammad Shanazar


“Dedicated to all women of the world whom Love broke and made them to hang on the Cross with broken shattered pieces of hearts.”

Fakhira Batool


Preface Foreword




1. You Forgot Me at Last

2. I Have To Say Something

3. Have You Ever Thought

4. Let Us Compose a Poem

5. Make a Search

6. Yes I Am Friendless

7. Love: A Gift

8. The Wall of Sand

9. Separation Became Indispensable

10. Defeat

11. What Is Love

12. The Moon Put Over The Clouds

13. Shamshan Ghot

14. What Do You Seek

15. The Iceland That Is Named Love

16. It Is Time To Come Into Senses

17. No Longer With Me

18. Had There Been No Defeat

19. A Queer Expectation

20. You Never Loved

21. Separation Weeps

22. If Love Gets Annoyed

23. Be Heeded

24. Write Not On Waters

25. A Tale Has So Many Modes

26. I Am A Mother

27. December When You Turn Again

28. Poke Not The Ashes

29. Bring Me Back My Eyes

30 The End

31. Why Do You Sojourn In My Dreams?

32. Let Me Talk To The Wind

33. The Season Of Separation

34. My Love Your Are My Faith

35. Pity

36. Let Us Go To The Beach

37. Let Us Confess

38. An Astrologer

39. A Princess Resembles So

40. Love: A Miracle

41. An Old Belief

42. This Exhausted Moon

43. Hear Me!

44. If I Become Annoyed

45. You Are Fallen In Love

46. Let Us Suppose

47. Forgetfulness

48. Do Not Let Me Annoyed

49. You Have Cast Me Off

50. I Am Fond Of You

51. The Village Of Deceptions

52. We Are Hearts And Hands

53. ‘Love’ Is Not A Vain Word

54. Modes Of Love

55. The Alien Eyes

56. Why Has God Created Those Lips?

57. Seasons Remain Not The Same

58. What A Small Poem It Will Be! 59. Love Is Like Sand 60. Achievement 61. I Have Been Enveloped… 62. On Love Half Realized 63. Love Gets Crushed 64. It Is Possible 65. Believe In My Oath 66. You Claim To Be True 67. Destiny 68. Bring Me Back First The Season … 69. A Cry Yet Remains Behind 70. Today Is Your Birthday 71. Your Tone Is Twisting

72. If You Had Been Faithful




It is my profound pleasure as well as good fortune that I discovered Fakhira Batool a poetess of genuine heart and sentiments; her genius, truthfulness of emotions, maturity of thought and adherence to the noble cause and presenting herself as a representative of women-hood compelled me to translate her poetry into English so that it may be read in the English Speaking Countries. Fakhira Batool dealt with a variety of subjects but nucleus of all is the same; oppression, cruelty, discrimination and indifference to the existence of Woman in the world. She is born a poet-advocate and pleaded well the case of her gender in her poems, she has expressed the delicate emotions of the true lovers but the love, sincerity, purity and innocence of the female partner ever remain dominant in her poetry.

When you depart, go afar from me,

A dark shawl of depression

From somewhere,

Who knows, how befalls on my head.

Fakhira Batool is well aware of pangs of separation and pleasures of the union, how different moments and segments of time exert indescribable pleasing influence and shadows of depression on the fair-sex. Her eyes are open, ears are very sensitive, she can even see the sparks and hear the sound of emotions running through blood. Fakhira Batool lives amid the beautiful surroundings and the world of romance created by herself, she is not an escapist, she mingles that created charm into hard and cumbersome realities of life. Every woman of the world passes through the same sensation or fear lest her lover or life partner should part; Fakhira Batool gives expression to those general feelings:


My heart goes through a fear

Lest you should forget me,

Lest it should happen in such a season.

O! My love,

This was that I said to you,

But happened the same

You forgot me at last.

The romantic world that Fakhira Batool creates is not less imaginative than that of created by any English romantic poet; she has all seasons in her inner-self rather the whole coloruful universe that is why she has a large variety of images to illustrate e.g., despised season, shawl of depression, lamps of tears … quivering edges of the lashes, drizzle of Monsoon, brilliance inward and out all around, bowl of chest, tinkle of the petals, fondness of the flower fly and whisper of the breeze etc. are the poetic images which depict richness of the poetic mind. As it has been indicated that Fakhira Batool is an advocate of womanhood; she does not possess a soft corner for her opposite gender, it might be the influence of some autobiographical elements, she has is of the opinion that male-sex is rigid and stubborn, in one of her poems, ‘The Wall of Sand’ she expresses:

If it falls,

Let it fall hundreds of times,

It is useless

To make him understand,

For he shall make the wall of sand.

The poetic language Fakhira Batool writes is figurative, it is replete with similes and metaphors, the words seem to be multi-coloured gems of a string, they may lose their significance if go astray. There is the flow of words depicting sounds, smells and colours; different shades of light embellish more the expression and enhance more mysteriously poetic influence on the readers mind. In her poetry she goes through an experience of some confessions which can be noticed between the lines, she does not spare herself while she regards others to be imperfect beings of the world:

All move with no gain; but with pain,

Who will make out here the fellow beings?

Here all chatter their own matters,

Everywhere there is helter-skelter,

Ah! Here we all are felons.

There are the repeated references of unresponsiveness and callousness of the male sex in her poetry. The poetry of Fakhira Batool goes around one dominant emotion which is still to be revealed: the emotion of Love, she regards It the most beautiful sentiment of the universe without which the world and life lose their meanings and significance. She says, “ Love is a gift, It is fragrance of the roses, shyness, delicacy, perplexity, and tinkle of the petals, fondness of the flower fly, silence of the airs;…the glimpse of moon, the shine of stars, heat of the sun, whisper of the breeze…”. It is very creative and gorgeous delineation of Love: an irrefutable reality of the universe.

Fakhira Batool though lives in multitude of the people, yet she has a feeling of loneliness, she thinks herself friendless, it is because she does not find human beings corresponding her thoughts and mind; it is undoubtedly true that men of sensitive nature suffer more in the world than those who have common and general level of feelings, sensitivity and compassion.

Yes, I am friendless,

Yes, he showed me a dream,

Then made me a victim of his tyranny;

When the train of my tears broke,

They brimmed the bowl of my chest;

And when the Sun went asleep,

Someone burnt with out fire.

Fakhira Batool is a poetess who believes in destiny, in the roe of fate and chance, she is of the opinion that some secret force works against efforts of Man, life is largely ruled by appearance and disappearance of the elements of fate and chance, man or woman is utterly in the claws of fate, he or she is bound to go trough the predestined channel of catastrophe:

I was just to step ahead

At the very moment,

Address of the destination

Fell from the hand, and then lost,

At the same moment the fate slept,

While She was about to awaken,

So separation became indispensable.

Whatever is predestined, she is bold enough to embrace it; she does not want to suffer through the twinge of curiosity and delay and so hastens to reach the end by devastating and perishing her life:

If separation is destined,

Why it is being delayed,

We will perform it now,

We will depart very moment.

Fakhira Batool while dwelling in the world of romance and imagination does not break her relation from the reality and terrestrial world, she is not in favour of chasing shadows and vain ambitions as she is well aware of the plight of those who run after the illusions:

O! Friend do not cherish frivolous hopes

No one gets flowers here but thorns

Do not run behind the shadows,

O! My friend.

It is time to come into senses.

The poetry of Fakhira Batool is purposeful, it emits spirituality from its lines, and she is of the opinion that every object is a victim to decay and in fact the splendour, glory, power and marvellous beauty of Man in this world are momentary and fleeting and she advises in a very effective style:

O! Friend these gallant eyes,

These pretty limbs of body,

This splendid structure,

On which the world is astonished,

Are ordained to be decomposed.

A lot will be revealed about Fakhira Batool’s poetry in the descending years as time itself is the best judge to establish someone’s status in the hierarchy of poets. I deeply appreciate her for writing worth-valuing poetry when majority of the poets are toddling on the trodden path. ‘The Alien Eyes’ will prove itself a precious addition in English Literature; I regard it worth-including in the reading courses at different levels of education form Intermediate to Master. I am well aware that we neglect the poets in their lives, and adore them after their deaths, and only a few get recognition in their lives, I think it is injustice to the intellectuals, therefore, I request the high ranking officials of Govt. of Pakistan as well as Educationists of the country to patronize her officially, this will add to the prestige of the country and nation.

Muhammad Shanazar

Resident Poet

(Voices Network U.S.A)

Poet Laureate

(22nd World Congress of Poets)

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  1. i am very much impressed by your attempt to translate fakhira batool. i am interested in translation work as a professional translator… can see my original work ……

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