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Omohan Ebhodaghe was born Emmanuel Aigbonohan Ebhodaghe to Alice Otekpen Ebhodaghe nee Aburime and Jacob Osakue Ebhodaghe on February 16, 1961, at the Ajeromi/Ifelodun LGA of Lagos State, Nigeria.

He was educated at the University of Benin and the University of Lagos with a BA in English and literature and a postgraduate diploma in Education. For his secondary school education, he attended Anglican Grammar School (now Owhere Grammar School), Okpara Waterside, Okpara, Delta State; Anglican Grammar School (now Evboneka Grammar School), Evboneka, Benin City, Edo State; Igieduma Grammar School, Igieduma, Edo State; and, Institute Of Continuing Education, ICE, Benin City, Edo State. He went to Ladi-Lak School, Randle Road, Apapa Wharf, Lagos State for his primary school. In 1995, he did a copy-editing course for publishers at the Book House Training Centre, Wandsworth Town, London, UK.



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A former part-time teacher in Benin City and Lagos, he became the publicity secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Lagos State chapter in 1993. Ebhodaghe has written for the Guardian Express newspaper, the Nigerian Observer newspaper and the Daily Times of Nigeria. His poems, articles and literary short stories have appeared in the Guardian newspaper, the Nigerian Observer, the Guardian Express, Tempo newspaper, the Daily Times newspaper, Blueprint newspaper, MR magazine and the West Africa magazine, London, UK.

Ebhodaghe has appeared on Radio Lagos Current Affairs programme. Also in 1995, he was featured on the BBC World Service radio news programme in London.

The British Council, Lagos office, assisted him to London to further his career in creative literary fiction writing and in teaching literature.

Ever since arriving in London, Ebhodaghe has done a number of readings, including readings at the Survivor Poetry Centre in North London and with undergraduate students at the School of Oriental and African Studies or SOAS, African unit of the University of London.

PEN (Writers in Prison Committee) via Ms Mandy Garner sponsored him to the Body Shop organised activity for the late Nigerian writer Ken Saro-Wiwa. Also, he had been to the British House of Commons (Select Committee meeting) to talk about Nigerian writers and journalists under the reign of General Sani Abacha’s military regime.

Ebhodaghe’s first published work as an ANA member was an anthology of poems and short stories titled TWENTY NIGERIAN WRITERS: PORTRAITS, 1993, ANA Lagos publications, co-edited with Dr Victor Ayedun-Aluma of the Mass Communication department of the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

His first poetry competition was in 1976, with a dirge written for the assassinated General Murtala Ramat Mohammed the head of state and Colonel Ibrahim Taiwo as the then military governor of Kwara State on February 13th 1976. The poem was a second runner-up in the National Day Celebration festival at Iguobazuwa, Edo State in 1976. A short story titled “Only Fools Die” was published in the Sunday New Nigeria newspaper in 1980.

In 2007, Africa World press Inc, USA, published HIGHTOWER: Ibhayu poetry. In 2010, the unedited first version of IN THE MIDST OF LOAFERS, 945 page literary novel was published by Chipmunka publishing, London, UK.

Asked how he came about writing his poetry book and two big novels by Ms Iyeze Obeira, a Facebook fan, he replied: “At the age of five, I was gripped with a strange illness while on the lap of my father. At that Nasamu Street residence, I saw planet earth as a globe or huge ball rolling towards me and I was frightened to death that the world would crush me. I was, however, anointed around the month of August, 1985, during my one year National Youth Service Corps days. The physically felt spiritual anointing was carried out on my bed at the early hours of the morning at Umuoma village of the Ihiala LGA of Anambra State by the big hands of God almighty that departed from me through my closed window. I was thus commissioned to complete the poetry book that I was writing in the English tradition but that I turned to the Esan tradition and write the two huge novels. But I was too busy doing other things to survive day-to-day life; and, it was not until I got to York Way in North London, UK, as the ideal home of constitutional monarchy, and after I have wasted some additional four or so years in mental health hospital wards that was caused by my lack of money, friends, housing and other means of working that I seriously began to reconsider the unpolished manuscripts as drafts that I brought from Nigeria and write the final versions of the long-awaited and expected first great Nigerian novels of 940 pages, 46 lines per a page in 2002 and 2003.” With the two giant novels IN THE MIDST OF LOAFERS and PHOTOCOPIES OF ORIGINAL in tow, uneasy lies the head that wears the CROWN of Nigerian/African literature.

A member of the Society of Authors, and although he hails from Idunwele Ewu area of Esan Central LGA of Edo State, Omohan Ebhodaghe divides his time between his North London apartment in the UK and his house on a three acre plot of land at Akho, Irrua, Esan Central local government area headquarters of Edo State, Nigeria.

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