MOMENTS MERGE INTO ETERNITY (Collection of poems) / Poems by Adolf Shvedchikov






©Adolf Shvedchikov (RUSSIA)







(Collection of poems)







I am very thankful to Dr. K.K. Srivastava (INDIA) for his assistance and advice, especially with my particular use of the English language.

Curriculum Vitae


Adolf Shvedchikov

Russian scientist, poet and translator


Born May 11, 1937 in Shakhty, Russia. In 1960 he graduated from Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry. Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1967. Senior researcher at the Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Since 1997 – the chief chemist of the company Pulsatron Technology Corporation, Los Angeles, California, USA. Doctor of Literature World Academy of Arts and Letters.
He published more than 150 scientific papers and about 500 of his poems indifferent International Magazines of poetry in Russia, USA, Brazil, India, China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Malta, Spain, France, Greece, 

England and Australia. He published also 13 books of poetry. His poems have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi languages.

He is the Member of International Society of Poets, World Congress of Poets, International Association of Writers and Artists, A. L. I. A. S. (Associazione Letteraria Italo-Australiana Scrittori, Melbourne, Australia). Adolf P. Shvedchikov is known also for his translation of English poetry (“150 English  Sonnets of XVI-XIX Centuries”. Moscow. 1992. “William Shakespeare. Sonnets.” Moscow. 1996) as well as translation of many modern poets from Brazil, India, Italy, Greece, USA, England, China and Japan.

In 2013 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature.


Books of Dr. Adolf P. Shvedchikov, PhD, LittD

1.”I am an eternal child of spring” (English/ Italian/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Russian.

270 pages. ISBN: 978-1475085358, 2012, USA)

2.”Life’s Enigma” (English/Italian/Russian. 304 pages. ISBN: 978-1477417355, 2012, USA)

3.”Everyone wants to be happy” (English/ Spanish/ Russian.185 pages, ISBN: 978-1477559079,

2012, USA)

4.”My Life, My love” (English, Italian, Russian. 197 pages. ISBN: 978-1478166566, 2012, USA)

5.”I am the gardener of love” (English/Russian. 229 pages. ISBN: 978-1481057370, 2012, USA)

6.”Slalom of Life” (English/ Russian.72 pages. ISBN: 978-0935047743, 2012, USA)

7.”Illusory silence” (Romanian, English/ Russian, 75 pages. ISBN: 978-1599732664, 2012, USA)

8.”Breath of eternity” (English/ Russian. 75 pages. ISBN: 978-1599732619, 2012, USA)

9.”Amaretta di Saronno” (English/Russian.250 pages. ISBN: 978-1481291514, 2012, USA)

10.”Angel Celestial, Angel Terrestrial” (Russian. 50 pages. ISBN: 978- 1599731506, 2011, USA)

11. “The Rainbow” (English/Greek/ Russian. 324 pages. ISBN: 978-9963668311, 2011, Cyprus)

12. “Love for all ages” (English/Chinese.185 pages. ISBN: 978-9862218174, 2011, Taiwan)

13.”One Hundred and One Poems” (Chinese.139 pages. ISBN: 978-986-221-331-5, 2010, Taiwan)

14.”A Russian Rediscovers America” (English/Russian.121 pages. ISBN: 978-0981730066,

2013, USA)

15.”Parade of Life” (English/Russian. 239 pages. ISBN: 978-0981730097, 2013, USA)

16.”Overcoming Sorrow” (English/Russian. 133 pages. ISBN: 978-1-939757-03-6 , 2013, USA)

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