Poems by Ashok Kumar 

Poems by Ashok Kumar 



Some time we feel alone in the world
But we should know he is with us
No day is bad, try to learn 
Respect time feel ecstasy in the pain

Utilise it ,think for proper decision
Be the winner over your negativity
Result will be amazed due to self discipline
Help poor when you are free , feeling alone

Don’t worry the numbers of your enemies
Be creative ,soul will appreciate
By your toil time with change your fate
Shine as like as stars in the sky

Don’t think drink to drawn your sorrow
I tell you sorrow knows how to swim



The light is bright in the temple
Decorate it with love and generosity
Sing sweet soft songs from heart core 
Life is music ,music is life

Ah ! Beautiful life with lovely dream

Looking golden rays of the sun
Let’s be human and do the works of humanity
What a wonderful world of pearls

Shining soul like a star of mine
May he blessed all of us glory ,happiness ,rhythm and rhyme
May be any circumstances in life , let’s smile

Our pain teach us, go ahead
Let’s touch the stars where birds fly
Let’s not to be slave ,peep into our cave
Say always to soul we are brave

Make life full of worth before little bird fly
Action speaks louder than light
Let’s peel our ego from our soul
Pure soft soul dance on rhthym of life



Divulge power
Open spiritual mystic eyes
And experiences of worldly life 
Attribute of insight

Leading for supernaturalism
For unique contribution
On the land of dreams
Collection of many flags

Symphony of hopes
Ah ! Immortal love
The fine flower of God
Full of practical values

Flash for the bright future
Inspiration of all senses
Satisfaction of sweet soul
Who has only oneness goal

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