Mokhidil ABDULLAEVA (Uzbekistan)


Mokhidil Abdullayeva was born on 20 April, in 1998 in the Andijan region, Uzbekistan. She is a student of Tashkent state university of uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navai. She works as a editor for the magazine “Guncha”.



Room. Silence and light starts off
The rebellion against the darkness.
Next page of the book is opened,
Oh, it burns my feelings.

There is longing for you in my heart,
Patience also lives with it.
I read “…single and sorrowful”*
Even Pushkin knew me, I can’t believe.

You do not recognize: you are Eugene,
I can not dare to tell you.
But I know Eugene is a killer,
What about you? You are my love killer too.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow,
How long will I be as Tatiana?
Oh, no! My intentions are love
And Onegin.

Make me fall in love with you
And a voice that comes about you,
Pushkin knew me completely,

He just called me Tatiana.

  • – description of Tatiana from the book.



My tortures are unfamiliar to you,
Pushkin knew me,
And my God knows.
My eyelashes play a note,
They wish happiness from love, of course.

I’ve always been in love, I am still in love,
Oh, love recognizes me again. How?
The sky says to the Earth:
I love you:
Rain is love.

No one blames, the drops innocent,
They wake up the smell of the soil.
The word that burns my tongue – O Lord,
Warm my soul faster!

… You are in my weeping smile,
To forget is to remember, rain.
If my new feeling is a big garden,
Tatiana grows up there again.



I am a leaf, love of the wind made me happy,
Beautiful smile swam in the sea of my face.
Being yellow was my surrender to autumn
And my mutiny against green love.

You were a wind,
But it was impossible to rely on you.
And your shoulders lifted rain.
I fell down from my tree, it was destiny,
Roots of my tree trembled, was in pain.

You know, I am a leaf, a brave leaf,
Yes, I am under foot now, but I had high dreams.
This leaf did not dance to stranger wind tunes,
I am fall of the leaf and golden for a handful.

The autumn rain grows from my eyes,
Years save my longing for you in their wings.
Growing a flower in his body from sorrow,
And love lives in the wail of each leaf.
I am a leaf…

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