Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper


Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

The breeze strikes Everest in range,
And it crawls upon the cliffs of mountains,
The breeze never makes the boisterous buzz,
But, it mesmerizes everything,
The breeze ever moves in free style,
It never goes in any captivity,
It has the force of nature,
That can’t be made bound in anyway,
The breeze blows upon all things,
It never distinguishes the hill or the rill,
It never hurts the heart of human beings,
It rubs the cool cream upon everything,
The breeze puts the pain to an end,
And it balms the broken heart,
The breeze brings comfort in chaos,
And it kicks away the timely sadness,
The breeze is my love, my heart,
I stroll along with breeze,
I move and stay with my beloved,
My sweetheart, my darling, my breeze!
The spark faints the dark night,
Like the fire swallows spikes,
And the ashes remain as sign,
Like the burning scars on soil,
The spark grinds the dark gloom,
Like the water corrodes the sand,
And advances upon the shore
Like the crazy lover on the land,
The spark chews up the dark layers,
Like the kid eats up chocolates,
And finishes it to the hilt,
Like the rainwater vanishes from the roof,
The spark ends up the cruel darkness,
When everything seems groaning….
When everything endures the pain,
Like the lonely rose in arid zone,
The spark brings up the mark of light,
The light gives life to the dead night,
And the night becomes agape and pale
When the spark springs at once,
The spark is the rose in park of light,
It showers the rays of warmth,
Like the dying sun from his brink,
Like the wink of my sweet beloved!
The flooding flow of red hearts,
Sweeps my senses, numbs me
And makes me stunning,
Whenever, I meet you on the screen,,,
The deeply moving beats of my heart,
Put me in stress and strain,
And I get molested and murky,
Whenever, you escape from the scene,
The flat and frequent speech of heart,
At the entangled time of tides,
Makes me rock in loving this world,
Whenever all cling to what’s trifling,
The heart is hearth of burnt spikes,
I feel the burning ashes inside,
I feel the warmth of the fire,
Whenever, all body keeps on cooling,
The heart is my love, my everything,
I lurk behind my heart, so sweet,
My heart is always happy, do deep,
Whenever, the gloom storms upon me!

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