WAR / Poem by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poem by Rajashree Mohapatra
Lives entombed
in the field of death
in furnace of grave .
Who knows
How many heads have fallen in previous nights
How many rivers are filled with blood in fierce fights
The land and the sea devouring human lives .
Lives flushed with youth
glowing with hope turn to ashes.
A jetliner full of civilians
turns to a guided missile .
Nuclear , chemical , biological
weapons are product of science.
The fanatic and misguided sections
are with dark side
annihilating precious and innocent lives .
We have seen,
Gas chambers built by engineers
Infants poisoned by doctors
Life was a toy in hands of educated maniacs .
We hear in silence prayers of prostrated lives
Our planet wishes to nurture life
Why can’t we have a common goal !
A goal to unite hearts as love is above all .
Rajashree Mohapatra.
Bhubaneswar, India .
Copyright reserved by the poet .

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