Dr. Kumud Bala Mukherjee D. Litt (India)

Dr. Kumud Bala Mukherjee D. Litt (India)
Organizer of Multilingual Virtual Poetry Meet Kavya Kaumudi International Multilingual Poets’ Meet
Higher Education: Ranchi University – M.Sc. Botany & MA Hindi (Surdas)
Hindi Prachaar Sabha:Hindi Sahitya Ratna
PhD Virginia, Liberty University
Topic: Protection of Germination against Pesticides in Plants (Botany)
PhD Mahatma Fule Talent research Academy, Nagpur
Topic: Bengali Literature and Culture (Research Book) – A Critical Appreciation
बांगला साहित्य और संस्कृति ( रिसर्च बुक )
( A critical Appreciation)
D. Litt. Mahatma Fule Talent research Academy, Nagpur
Topic/Book: Comparative Literature and Research
तुलनात्मक साहित्य और शोध
‎संत कबीर दास एवम् गुरु गोरखनाथ का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन
Past Work Experience
Scientist In Godrej Biotek Limited For 5 Years 1990 – 1991
Professor In Hindi Mahavidyalaya 1994 – 2004
Poetess, Writer, Critic Writer, Story And Play Writer
Hobbies: Writing, Traveling
Social Work & Associations
Founder of Viklang Jyoti – An NGO for the physically handicapped people
The poor and disabled people are being assisted and supported with calipers, wheel chair, crutch, artificial limbs etc.
Adopted a school of 26 mentally disabled and autistic children & adults
Literary field
I am associated with many literary institutions.
Geet Chandni – The institution of 35 year old poets under which five to seven literary programs are organized every month.
Sahitya Sangam – Is a one-stop organization that brings together different languages for poetry and storytelling. Where the poets of different languages ​​read their poems, stories on the first Saturday of every month
Mahfile Khawatin – Is an institution of UrduWhere along with Urdu, the Hindi poets also recite their compositions, scripts and poetry co-editor – Golconda Darpan – A monthly magazine is published under Geet Chandni, Hyderabad.
Mode of Writing – Song – Ghazal – Review – Story – Satire
Published Books
Comparative Literature and Research for my PhD
बांगला साहित्य और संस्कृति ( रिसर्च बुक )
( A critical Appreciation)
Bengali Literature and Culture (Research Book) – A Critical Appreciation for my D. Litt
तुलनात्मक साहित्य और शोध
‎संत कबीर दास एवम् गुरु गोरखनाथ का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन
Ravindra Pratibha (Research Book)
रवींद्र प्रतिभा ( रिसर्च बुक )
Hindi writer Sangha-Hyderabad poet (co-editor)
हिंदी लेखक संघ -हैदराबाद के कवि( सह सम्पादक)
Story of Geet Chandni (co-editor)
गीत चाँदनी की कहानी(सह सम्पादक )
My Work (Poems, stories, articles, reviews and ghazals) and Writings Have Been Published In Several Magazines, Newspapers And Digital Media
My Compositions Have Been Aired On Doordarshan And Radio As Well
Participation in poet-conferences and meets abroad
Awards and Recognitions
Five Gold Medals — Ranchi University [Hindi, Botany And Chemistry]
Sri Ramayana Puraskar on the ocassion of Tulsi jayanti — Ranchi University- Hindi Dept.
Honored By Father Kamil Bulke In Ranchi
Honored As A Tree Friend – Ranchi University
Hindi Sahitya Mitra —– Nepal
Certification —– Nepal-Hepatology
Hindi Poetry Honors – Kathmandu University, Nepal
Honored By the Hyderabad Marwari Women’s Mandal
Honored By the Goa University for Contribution In Poetry
Poetry Honors in Chennai
Honored In the Raj Bhavan by Governor Shri Krishnakanth
Honored In the President Nilayam Hyderabad by Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
Honored by karnataka Sahitya Mandir for contribution in Hindi poetry 2015, 2016, 2017
Honored by Poetic Prism Amravati and Vijayawada in 2016 and 2017
Honored on Women’s Day 2018, 8 March by Poetic Prism in Amravati and Vijaywada
Awarded in 2017 by Vijayawada and Amravati Cultural Society Poetic Prism for writing poetry in ten languages ​​(Hindi, Sanskrit, Dakkini, Braj, Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Maithil, Kundu Language, Bengali and Kathy Language)
Honored on Women’s Day in Hyderabad 2016
Honored by BJP, Gaushamahal Division – Hyderabad in 2016
Awarded in Nathdwara – Respected ‘Mrs Rameshwari Devi Shivkumar Smriti Award, 2016’ under ‘Hindi Lao – Save the Country’ by Rajasthan
2016 Honored with the title of Mahamopadhyay by Sahitya Sanstha in Pratapgarh UP
World Book Fair 2016 – In Delhi, Abhishek Prakashan Sahitya Sagar Samman
Honored at the Kavi Sammelan by Swami Ramanand Tirtha Memorial, Hyderabad
World Book Fair 2017, Hindi Sahitya Bhushan Samman
Jyoti Ba Phule University and Research Institute – Honorary degree of Literature Vidyasagar and D. Litt in 2017 by Nagpur
Dr. Amrita Pritam honored by Nagpur University
First Prize in Story writing Competition organized by Hindi Milap, daily newspaper in Hyd
Kavya Shree’s Honor by Nirmal Foun Danshan
Campaign against Dowry in Hazaribagh – Honored as “Stree Shri”
Literature Garima Award, by Sahitya Mandali Hyderabad
Literary memory honor for the interpretation of Bangla literature
Honored at a multi-lingual poet conference at the painting institute of former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao
Honored in 2018 in the celebration of Sree Ramnavmi
Awarded at a poet conference organized by Nuclear Fuel Corporation
Honored at a multi-lingual poet conference held in Rabindra Bharti
Other Honors
Honored for contribution in more than ten languages ​​of literary information. Especially for the promotion and dissemination of Cathy language that has been lost. An attempt to revive this language continues.
Respect and pride for presenting research paper for the importance and development of Hindi – Bangla language in various world schools
Awarded By President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma At Kavi Sammelan Organized By President Of Nilayam Hyderabad By Geet Chandni
The organizer of Kaavya Sathitya
Tribes and nature
A tribal life , full of adventures
Morning to evening ,
Spent with nature
Walking with nature
Talking with nature
Believing in nature
living in nature
They know its medicinal values
And smile with twinkling fire flies
Everything they learn from nature
Far – far away from artificial world
Who believe in concrete jungle
A tribe believes in
lullabies of plants
Melodies of rivers
Chirping of birds
Tuning with animals
Shining with stars
Dreaming with sun and moon
And smiling with mother earth
Peace , a realization
Sweet melody is the definition
Peace, a path of trust
It’s the Little desire of earth’s crust
Peace, A deep love from life
In the courtyard of songs and positive vibes
Peace, is in the mother’s lullabies
And in the talks of father’s worries
In the sweet dialogues of ants & bees
Song and music of the trees
Peace in the victory of hard work & pain
In the smiles of children and their brain
Peace is in the rustle of air pen
In the greenery of nature’s den
The Wonderful moon light is Peace
Rising sun with beautiful dawn is peace
Peace is Believing in love & honesty
In the history of humanity
When you go in search for peace
All you find is, peace within you.
Frozen Hearts
A frozen river
Reminds me of the coldness impurities in this world
I feel the heart frozen…
So many things to say
So many questions to ask
But who will answer ?
We human beings?
Oh God
We don’t use our heart brains
No emotions
We hurt our Earth,
Mother Nature is hurt too… And what about
We exhibit…bitter behavior
We always create invisible walls around religion
We choose to war, intentionally
We never think of harmony love
We don’t believe in love
We do not aim for peace
We do injustice
To earth and nature
Do we know this?
Time to realize…
We are enemies of humanity
With our frozen hearts….

One thought on “Dr. Kumud Bala Mukherjee D. Litt (India)

  1. Thy name-Love
    Thursday,4th March 2021

    Love is thy name
    for all of us to claim
    nearness to the truth with easy access
    and face the reality

    who loves others?
    sans fears
    in the earnest
    and shows it as the best

    only kind heart
    can be the part
    and work as humanitarian art
    from the beginning or start

    love has a simple definition
    it has self-ignition
    waves rise in succession
    and show the worthiness of relation

    love shall reign
    and define
    in its purest form
    to inform worldwide and realize

    love is not an easy path
    but who are fearless of death
    they only can take an easy breath
    with trust and faith

    Dr Hasmukh Mehta

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