Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska
You bathe words
in rose dew
drizzling beauty
in my ears
with a fragrance
of allure
as if spring’s zephyr kiss
like a music that’s unseen
in palette of the scents
experiencing itself
in composer’s vivid lens
When you bathe eyes
of mine in your poesy page,
roses in the sky, suspended
reveal their silhouettes
My heart turns to a violin
expressing beautiful themes
when you touch all my strings
with your lips
and you trace
every curve on my face
When you play emotions, rich
through expression of your eyes,
by the sacred artist in you,
who creates a masterpiece
from my senses, all unleashed
mirroring love that dwells in us,
linking realty with a dream
(c) Margaret Kowalewska
5 March 2021

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