Dear Women / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
Dear Women
Dear Women,
Be authentic, be what you are
Be proud to flaunt your scars
Feminism isn’t about making us strong
It’s all about never bowing to anything wrong
Dear Women,
We are beautiful, we are magic
Don’t let anyone make our life a tragic
Let’s cheer and celebrate each other’s success
Let’s not spread rumours and create mess
Dear Women,
We need not beg or force to be respected
We need no special day to be celebrated
Only we need the right to live as a human
No biased principles nor any discrimination
Dear Women,
We are no mere idols to be worshipped
Neither are we slaves to be kicked or whipped
We are built of both water and fire
So let’s not make ourselves only objects of desire
Dear Women,
We are nature, we give birth to life
We know how to carry on with any grief or strife
Let’s empower ourselves with our inner light
Spread love and kindness to make other’s lives bright
Dear Women,
Stand up for each other and see the power of unity
Be proud of who you are as a whole identity
An epitome of brain, beauty and grace
So never chase, instead become a face which no one can replace.
©® Sunita

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