A DIFFERENT WOMAN!! / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
After tracing her and following her steps for a long time
I approached her courtly and initiated contact, saying:
“Hey you angelic princess
I’m hopefully looking for the sister of the moon
My eyes have not seen such a beautiful face
Do I find acceptance in your life, my angel?”
She realised my intention and hurried along
So, she began to step in front of me in fury and pride
Then she turned towards a dark path
Where the voice was scarce, as people were few
I continued to follow her steps
She slowed down and turned back, expressing caution!!
Then she paused and said nervously, firmly and strictly:
“Excuse me, I’m a different woman
Who does not love or dream of you
Who does not want to see or meet you
I’m a serious woman who does not think of you!!
Excuse me, I’m a different woman
Who is not fluent in the language of love
Different from the women of these days
I’m a woman who knows many things
Other than dreams and fantasies!!
Excuse me, I’m another woman
Who does not speak the language of lovers
Who is not a prey to be easily hunted
Or to fall in your nets or traps, you foul
The road to me is paved with thorns, not roses!!
Excuse me I’m a different woman
Who is neither interested in your smile
Nor charmed by your beautiful looks
Who is steadfast in her faith as the moored mountain
And never responds to the temptations you offer!!
Really, I’m a different woman
Who knows her Creator well and never disobey
Who doesn’t commit sins or fall in troubles
I’m a woman who doesn’t dream of love
Except when I’m brought closer to heaven
So I may be crammed with good fortified women!!”

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