Poems by Yakshaya P. Kalra

Poems by Yakshaya P. Kalra
Cali ban- only half human 
How hard are several lives hurdles?
Like spider’s cobwebs and flies muddles;
Foolish are our many issues or even ventures
That tax all the walls resulting into break fractures:
What happens to a man who is without eyes or lame-footed
Limpid walks, in angles, zigzags, a creature vertical all hooted:
Who is good nothing is curtained like a burke that all covers
On high summits who goes strongly it’s only who rarely discover:
Tied in silken knots, falls you were a shining gossamer brand model
Walked on fashion parade believed you are precious heaven’s bottle;
In sheer ignorance you tread on the appearing appealing path to hell
Under illusions carried whole life you a basket of spits,dirts,phlegm fasces shell:
Life so precious sold every where every city like a cheap potatoes, newspaper
Like rag and bone win shouting whole day for living poor perspiring monster:
Befooled in young life body exploited , vision and thoughts sold, gone also your soul
When wisdom alighted you were late found yourself in a hell dungeon a prison gaol:
Many high good thoughts getting living a life that could be so glorious but destiny doomed
But life became bitter kidnapped child from mother pulled and surrounded by snakes loomed:
You only became like jackals, foxes, tigers, pythons, bears, lions in old fashioned zoo
Just look fair and sent were you as a pick-pocket beggar, dancing girl , call girl that coos:
Like that Prospero the master who whole day snubbed Cali ban neither a man nor a beast
He who could not run out of his hold and barking murmuring not courageous better life least;
We believe we are walking on ways of gold carpets all the paths of life just merry and joyful
Time goes rolling on in the circles running and after later life part when it is gone find you shameful:
Now you realize life whole lost and you cannot become free from birth and death circulation
There is just no way out the time seeds plucked by the birds lost all are good chances of redemption:
Cali ban’s mind not of a full wise man, not also empty pig beast abusing, buzzing, cursing,
But slogged as chains and locks in his mental corpus he went on enslaving enclosed entrapping.
(date of creation: 22nd Dec 2017 a social satire of modern times and also divinity title:
Cali ban half human Yakshaya writes)
On waiting list or Transported to heaven
I was on my bed that time of sleeping
It was this body at that moment lying:
Suddenly transported my soul to Heaven
In wonderful flora fauna fountain so hum;
Message celestial unseen directed me asana
Selected I roses adorned long seat full fun ah!
a holy dev brought for me nectar ambrosial celestial drink
Drank it soon got lost in holiest bliss fixation fully linked:
lost soon transfixed like a statue moving not an inch
as if what on earth could not do here got it’s taste pinch;
so marvelous heavenly bliss got I just ready over there
In my earthly life illusions obstructing nothing got me any where:
After heavenly hours seventy-two five times eyes locked opened
Saw I our Lord walking towards left then right in deep thoughts jammed:
I did not know what Shri Krishna at that time was in deep thoughts reflecting
Where, when, in which family I should decide to knot him, give birth connecting:?
Pleaded many times Lord let me be born in Rishikesh in place so holy
Feel I’d your joyful holy bliss with many of Lord’s devotees swamis jolly:
Lord saw I was seriously deeply every day of all morns regularly pleading
Where why and which womb should he go he had been continuously pondering:
( 6th june 21 source : a dream last night title : in waiting list or sudden transport to Heaven
Yakshaya writes )

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