Poems by Godwin Aleke

Poems by Godwin Aleke
Two Blind Birds
In middle of forest we meet ourselves in love
Moving round we sing the song of love that
Hold us together in love
Yet unable to behold our face
In the middle of the night I think of you
As the sun rise I think of you
At sun set I think of you
Coming together in love is mystery that
We are unable to explain by both
Becoming blind is also a mystery that both
Cannot explain
But here we are in love moving from tree
To tree singing the song of love that brought us
Together in love
By eyes we are blind but in heart we
See just because we love
Come you earth, heaven and beneath
Let’s teach you the journey of love
That holds us together
Moving alongside of garden show the way we
Live in love
Come let’s clap hands together in love
In order to meet in heart
without you love, we are blind, but you
In our midst we see
In our love we teach water how to flow in love
In our love we write in the sky the rays
that show love to earth and bring joy to sky
In middle of sea, we fly in love at the
wave of the sea that wash away the
guilty of sins and make us happy in love
In you we grow, in you we bear fruits in you
We stand to love mankind and give out
Our beautiful feather to them to wear
Standing at the winter seashore I gaze
You come at the garment of sea wave
Dress in aloe leaves to wipe out tears
Oh! come you my love let’s sing the song
Of doves and take away the darkness of blind
And build the banner of love across the
Mountains and plant orchard tree
That bear the fruits of love.
Desert Wind
Come oh you desert wind
Come with your angelic voice that wakes
My pen up and place me in poetic
Tripod stand to give to the world the
Consolation words that heal the ancient wounds
From east I see you come
Dress in linen and walk in majestic
manner to address the colourful ray
Sparkling is your beauty
And shining is the crown of your head
Reflecting the morning yeast increase day
Joy of the sun that smile at your beauty
In the middle of the sea you walk and
Increase the joy of those living beyond my hand
You are the shadow of the real things in another world
Your movement in the sky describes the laws of he that made you
Motions of stars and atoms were the
Ultimate meaning of your existence and value
Cloudy was your dim eyes that pour out Smoke at the hill top
At mind there set up things that will be expect itself
Immortal is your seat solence that travel in all directions
Witness of your voice is joy of all, yet
Eyes of all were unable to see your beauty that gives them joy
Eternal reality is through knowledge of
You that reflect the shadow of starry sky
Above that pour down dew
Sacredness and dignity is your ancient throne
Flying with both wings in return of the Ancient staff.

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