Sushant Kumar B.K. (Nepal)

Sushant Kumar B.K. (Nepal)
Sushant Kumar B.K. is a Nepalese poet, translator, educator and freelance writer who resides in Gulariya, Bardiya, Nepal. He writes poems in English and Nepali language. His poems have been featured in national and international anthologies, magazines, newspapers and online portal.
He can be reached at
Rhetorical Love Letter To My Girlfriend
Sorry for everything. I have no courage to say ‘sorry’ directly meeting you so I’m painting these words as excuse. Negative expression is never reciprocated with positive response, sorry for the last night, I lost control in words. Actually we both lost control. Beholding the silent Buddha in my bookshelf, I sometime ponder, how did he manage to remain calm in his entire life? I’m not asking you to revive the Buddhaness inside you and maintain cordial relation. Because we are human being and anger is inherent nature of ours. In this wonderful journey called “life” The mystery and complexity of human being is love and anger and it is also believed that the best way to show love to each other is to get angry sometimes. I know that we are angry with each other but I believe that the anger is always temporary whereas love is ever green within our hearts. Dear, the beauty of life is in being together. Going alone invites nothing but negative impacts such as .frustration and depression.
Dear, at times, I even piss off with a small thing, for instance, if somebody stares me at crossways, such incident makes me angry with that person also. So I request you to forgive my anger. I believe, seed of love is sowed with anger. You believe it or not ,i usually feel a deep regret somewhere deep down the next moment after exchanging bad words with you .Then there remains only love whereas anger seems slowly fading away. Dear, a couple of days before I had gone through a book entitled “The Subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson in which he states that “The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically the acceptance of one’s negative experience is positive experience”. In a simple language, one has to feel negative experience to know positive and vice-versa. Negative experience is not opposite of positive, rather a part of it for making an exquisite life. So, I request you too feel anger is a part of love too.
Dear, let’s not debate over this issue, let’s not say your anger, my anger, your love, my love, rather we understand that consent in love is a key to life. In our life, happiness comes from more struggles and pain; likewise, combination of love and anger gives us blissful joy in life. Let’s not assume that we don’t get angry with each other, we don’t love each other. Let’s accept within our hearts that life is a journey between love and anger.
In the end, I must say, I vividly remember our gone ‘Valentine Days’ that we had celebrated embracing and kissing each other. As Barack Obama writes “There is no death of old acquaintance” Likewise, my dear, there is no death of old valentine .I hope, we celebrate our valentine day ever and ever together. Dear, life is unhappy, incomplete in your absence. You are the best song life has ever composed for me, you are the best poetry time has ever written in my life, you are the best living painting in canvas of my dream. Come back my love.
Your love……..

One thought on “Sushant Kumar B.K. (Nepal)

  1. Pathos is felt in every syllable…you express so well the dichotomy of opposites…..pleasure /pain…love/anger. Yes yes I agree without one the other is not possible…to appreciate light we must open ourselves to the dark….

    Brilliant sir…blessings


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