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(An Anthology of translated poems of contemporary poets from Pakistan)

Translation By:


   Muhammad  Shanazar

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 Dedicated to Abida Nasreen: my wife who provided me congenial domestic environment where I carried on undisturbed my literary work.


About The Translator 9


  1. I Am Appalled 11
  2. The Last Night Of 2012 12
  3. The Greatest Attribute 14
  4. A Prayer In The Morn 16
  5. Nadia 17
  6. Paradox 19
  7. Let Me Listen To 20
  8. Lines Of Wisdom 21
  9. A Hidden Curtain 22
  10. Shadows Of Tyranny 23
  11. The Crop of Feet 24
  12. Dishevelled Hair 25
  13. Impacts of Wind 26
  14. Ominous-Shadow 27
  15. Let Us Grow 28
  16. A Painful Phenomenon 29
  17. My Voice Soars 30
  18. Half-eaten Hopes 31
  19. Time Will Warble 32
  20. Hykos 33
  21. On The Iceland of Purgatory 34
  22. I Have To Seek Out 35
  23. Museum 36
  24. Promise! 37
  25. Spontaneous Queries 38
  26. O! My Dear Be Not Annoyed 39
  27. We Confront A Journey Very Long 40
  28. In Memory Of The Innocent Victims 41
  29. Would That I Were Plumeria 42
  30. A Moment of Time Is Fixed 43
  31. Facebook 44
  32. A Spectacle At Loftiness 45
  33. An Urge Of Construction 46
  34. Sobs 47
  35. Mirror 48
  36. Travellers 40
  37. My Caravan 50
  38. Yusrab 51
  39. Sinking Voices 53
  40. Another Year 54
  41. My Destination 55
  42. A Hollow Heart 56
  43. Assassination Ibn-e-Marium (Christ) 57
  44. A Poem Of Love 58
  45. Speak A Bit Of That Moment 59
  46. My Dear People 60
  47. We Since Ages… 61
  48. Where Are You? 62
  49. Phoenix 63
  50. Go Not Empty Handed 64
  51. O! Life What Happened To You 65
  52. What Are The Wages Of Labour Journey 66
  53. Dreams Are Not To Be Imprisoned 67
  54. On The Lost Diamond 68
  55. No Shade In The Scorching Sun 69
  56. An Incentive 70
  57. Never Disclose The Treasure 71
  58. A Rushing Tide 72
  59. Words Became Christ 73
  60. The Truth Lies Prostrate 74
  61. Let Him Do 75
  62. Azra 76

About The Translator

Muhammad Shanazar, a famous contemporary poet from Pakistan, was born at Saib a village of Sub Division Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on 25th Nov., 1960. In his childhood he grazed cattle, cut fuel wood, harvested crops and ploughed farms. He got early education from the local school. He passed SSC Examination from Government High School Mandra, Intermediate from Government Hashmat Ali Islamia College, Rawalpindi, graduation from Gordon College, Rawalpindi, and M.A in English Literature, from University of the Punjab. After post-graduation, he served three years as a constable in Police Department. He found it uncongenial to his temperament and decided to leave it; meanwhile luckily he came upon an opportunity to join the Department of Education (Technical Wing) and rendered his services as a lecturer in English Language and Literature. After holding this position for seventeen years, he was promoted Assistant Professor, and at present he is serving as Deputy Director (Commerce) at Directorate of Colleges Rawalpindi Division. His life is replete with hardships, the most severe shocks he received in his life were that his father was murdered and his mother died in a road accident.

Muhammad Shanazar started seriously writing poetry with a specific purpose behind it in 1998. He chose English to express the voice of his conscience. The prime objective he has been working for is to make humanity aware of the sanctity of human life i.e. “A single drop of human blood possesses more worth than all treasures that the Earth contains”. He got himself recognized as a Poet Against War throughout the world, He regards poetry as “ an expression of heart piercing thoughts combined with the emotions flowing from the Greater Mind to the Receptive Mind when both of them function at a certain indescribable fleeting frequency. The Receptive Mind works wonder performing the task of centuries during these ephemeral moments revealing the curtained truths of Time and Space in which Man exists “. So far he has written and translated more than 550 poems available online at different links. A few of them are on mind baffling realities regarding Man’s links to the extra-terrestrial word, the secret working hands , the working of human soul and the perception of human mind. He is the author of three books, Gems, The Cold Stars and the Dance of Darkness. He is of the opinion that poetry should be made a medium of instruction, education of science and technology has changed the modern man into robots, devoid of sentiments like love, patience, and tolerance, if war is not the solution of the conflicts why it is employed to resolve the issues. Certainly the prevailing situation of the world might be only rectified when good men and women are supplied to the world and this function only can be performed by poetry and other genre of literature. He is of the opinion that there must be equilibrium, humanity should go ahead moderately to make the world safe and secure place, for the descending generation discarding all manmade barriers. All nations of the world must think for the collective interest of mankind to pick thorns and cultivate roses in the world. His poetry revolves around the universal issues being confronted by the world. He seems to be a silent helpless member of the club functioning for anti-nuclear campaign; his sole and sole object is to see the world free of conventional as well as nuclear weapons, he pleads humanity to throw them into the seas to remove fatal fear spreading over the biological life.

Voices Network from North Carolina U.S.A placed him among the prominent contemporary poets by awarding him the International Special Distinction “Poet in Residence” in 2004. Since then being one of the Poetry Judges of online international poetry contests hosted by Voices Network, he has been judging the poems. He also worked as an International Poetry Ambassador in Pakistan on the behalf of Voices Network, North Carolina and held several poetry reading sessions, to promote peace through poetry. Poemhunter of France and Bollywood of India chose him one of the ‘Top 500 Poets in the World’, World Society of Poets bestowed upon him honour by placing him among the prominent contemporary poets of the world. Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of Education awarded him the award of “Promotion In Children Literature” with the cash prize. 22nd World Congress Of Poets included his name in the list of United Poets Laureate International in July 2011. International Poetry Translation and Research Centre China awarded him The International Best Translator Prize 2012 on translating into English, the poetic work of Pakistani and Indian poets and published him in online World Directory of Contemporary Poets at its official website. The World Poetry Movement declared him one of the Best Poets 2012 and published him as a featured poet in the world anthology The Best Poets and Poems 2012. His poems have been individually published in many world anthologies and he received appreciation from all around the world for his highly intellectual work..