Eltona Lakuriqi (Albania)

Eltona Lakuriqi (Albania)

Eltona Lakuriqi (born in Tirana in 1984) has published books of poetry such as : “Walking”, “The Masks” “Blue glasses”, “Within the art without rings”, “Spiritual Chaos” and “Poetry”.  She runs the periodical “Alternativa”. She  is the editor of the magazine “Mirdita”.

In 2014 she graduated with a bachelor of “International Relations” in “Political Science”. During  the period October-November 2016 she was the moderator of the radio talk show “Catch the moment” (Kap Momentin) broadcasted by  radio ” Voice of Mitrovica” (Zeri I Mitrovices). In February 2017 she collaborated with the newspaper “The covenant of Gore” (Beselidhja Gorare). In March 2017 she was a Jury member of the Poetry Contest organized by the youth center “Anza” on the World Book Day. In August 2017 she was the coordinator of the Poetry Contest organized by the Writers’ club “Drita” (The Light). In September 2017 she was the moderator of the artistic Contest “Word carves the stone” organized by the Municipality of Kamez. In August 2018 she was the organizer of  the promotion of the volume “Antologjia 5” (Antology 5), published by the writers’ club “Drita” (The Light).  She lives in Italy since 2017.


No title

A time tangled in a web of dark threads,
strives in between anti-values and sufferings.
I wish, I daydream
how what is left behind
by the tireless voyagers
can be healed.

The sun warms and burns
the skin of the earth.
Our existence
Will water the damaged roots.

The seas greatly cracked
at the feet of depth
which rocks us
as a leaf.

This era with
Ugly masks
Is making fun of us.

Wake up.
The joy of birds
will return one day
from distant lands
of the unknown.

I scream and pray:
Please change
The tomorrow
between us.


Teuta’s eyes

A woman. A boat.
A sea. An ancient land.
A woman who made the history of my nation.
Today, when her name is pronounced with honour
We ask ourselves
What was the colour of her hair,
What about her eyes?
Why was Teuta beautiful?
Why is Teuta so remarkable?
Probably not because she was a queen
or a noble leader.
But because she is both
a new and
an ancient name.
The name that bears the Illyrian myth.


The night of my sky

My sky is changed
in the spaces between the tops of the trees
bird shadows exchange their paths.

My sky is changed
thousands of small clouds.

One thought on “Eltona Lakuriqi (Albania)

  1. Uroj shendet Poete!
    Tona, nje poete fantastike, e pa arritur.
    Krijimtaria e saj eshte e ndjere, goditur dhe spikatur, arritur ne majat e larta.
    Per kete vajze un shkruaj me superlativa.
    Shume mall dhe dashuri.
    Per ty poete, njeherazi mike e rralle.
    Miliona perqafime ju dergoj.

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