A Tale Of Each Millennium / Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro
A Tale Of Each Millennium
there are dreams, wide enough
already. in the distance of time
backwards or forwards,
it doesn’t matter much, only the
inbuilt dances of hope, perfectly
poised. for the next millennium
and certain words of choice or
by default, experienced in life
and tranquility claim wisdom
like the world leaders around the
conglomerate of wealth and power
preach world peace and prosperity
and the smoke, like distorted truths
or blatant lies fabricated behind…
claims our intellects, round the clock
even i, just like you or the others
as well, become casualties, the victims
of beliefs and faith…all-around
let’s walk around the crimson
afternoons, during Spanish holidays
and not forget, how we look…
just ordinary couple in mid fifties
nowhere to go, nothing to expect more
from this world or anything beyond
all those childhood memories or
those plans of the young age, to paint-
this world with truth and truth alone…
doesn’t make any sense, neither for you
nor for me. today or these days along.
only silent cries of defeat continue
those blatant lies of histories, down
the ages, along the downstream rivers
of human progression and austerities’
and people like us and the others alike
spiral around each other’s, towards
the whirlwinds of the next millennium
29th October’ 2020

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