Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young
Believer From Within 
I’m a believer
in hope
Always for
Something more
Than the day
And I truly
Believe that
Faith carried
On her wings
When crawling
Became my only
Most of all
I believe in
The power of
Love …
Without it
We become
And weak
From the burden
To heavy to
Carry the
Evil that
Sever a spirit
Thoughts that hide
behind a pair of smiling
eyes , tears , muffled ,
bound with pride…
or shame ….
stuffed with
pain inside , flows
out the soul , a mime
to only the blind ,
voices , out of tone
with nowhere to go ,
a wasteland becomes
our home .
Sabrina Young © 2020
Sabrina Young
2020 ©️

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