Poems by Wendy Mary Lister

Disappearing Inside A Day
Dream —
When I drift through a dream,
I recall idleness of rural autumn Decaying foliage,
detachment of ghostly frivolity,
the eerie silence it used to bring
The vacant heart-to-heart —
Now I’m buried beneath
an avenue of trees,
and I step softly over
muffled leaves,
under a sky-eaten by rows
of sandstone,
the depth of hollow lanes,
suburban fatality
Puddle by puddle
beneath unchanging city
2018 –
Bare limbs-roused,
ashen in a cold wind
At the bosom of
spindly fingers
reach out trustingly,
blinded by nature’s
hasty way of
depicting old scars,
pruning and creating
to another’s design.
Crowning nests get left
for next time.
A reminder of
who ignores,
scorns consent —
It’s odd how we’ve
been neighbours
for nearly a decade
yet, never talked

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