Poems by Kamrul Islam


Poems by Kamrul Islam
Ignite My Frozen Sou
The night is still and barren,
I have been silenced by a witch that sent black spells
through the ghost of a postman committed suicide
in a stormy night
My ghastly soul sleeps with tortuous dreams,
Scared I am so my Muse, do come with gleams
to this lonely somber den of broken lamps
I have chiseled my hands
to touch you fondly with mystic blood
Ignite my frozen soul by the fire
Prometheus brought, the night is still
and I curse the enthralled moon
Do come with the eyes of deep sea fish
that bears the torch to see in the dark…
Copyright@Kamrul Islam
A Loner
An old bearded man in the pathway of a jungle
Told the wind, here exists the poetry of blessed life
Which can be recited only by dynamic loneliness.
Loneliness mixing with mustard flowers
Goes to the twilight’s den with flickering teeth
To borrow some sweet melodies of tidy leaves…
He’s just sprouted from mud of metaphor as if,
Insane clouds and rains hug him spirally
He speaks out magical verse at midnight showers.
A loner’s a shadow of God he shrugs,
Letting some doves fly knowingly, he treads
The silence of ignorance and then goes on saying:
A lot of deaths I have crossed
In the black and white dreams…
Copyright@Kamrul Islam

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