SOMETHING I LOOK AT-112: THE FIRST KISS / Poem by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poem by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty
life on earth is poetry
the innate urge to unfold
its grace and beauty is poetry
poetry is the smile on a child’s lips
the thread that binds the whole of humanity
poetry is your lover’s first kiss
poetry is that pink envelope wherein treasured your love and its beauty
poetry is lover’s paradise
a perennial stream of boon and bliss
poetry is those intimate moments you share with your love with lips
locked and soul hugging each other
poetry is meadows and mountains, rivers and rivulets, deserts and oceans and all those which touch you, your heart and soul
with their spellbinding beauty
poetry is that old man’s love
who has lost his wife
the anguish, apathy and alienation of
man struggling to live a life
poetry is society, its values and beliefs
sorrows and happiness, unfulfilled desires, shattered dreams and dramas
and hope for a better life
when the earth romances with the first rain
the rays of the rising sun
embraces the blooming lotus, the dancing lily touches the silver moon, when joy and ecstasy know no bounds, when sorrows become too much to bear, the lines of poetry emerge and take you to a world
hitherto unknown
to all these i am a passive onlooker
living a prosaic life with no rhythm and rhyme
for me poetry is a lonely man’s lone walk
on the empty corridor of life
my poetry not with me
lost it way since
could not muster enough strength
to tell her i love you
for which i am not me all through
Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2019
All Copyrights Reserved
Eminent literary critic Prof Cijo Joseph Chennelil on SOMETHING I LOOK AT-112
Your poem titled “The First Kiss” is a poem that sings hosanna on the magnificent value of poetry in the life of each and everyone of us.The language of poetry melts many hardened hearts,brings pure joy and bliss to one and all,creates waves of good feelings,paves the way for renaissance and revitalisation,generates positive vibes,moulds minds into storehouses of knowledge and wisdom,teaches invaluable lessons,imbibes in us love for nature and her surroundings,inserts in us a feeling of vitality and strength,inbulilds within us imagination,evokes in us aesthetic sensibility and artistic frame of mind and enfolds us with that tenderness,solace,tranquility and sublimity.Kudos to you for composing such a poem of tremendous value and suppleness.
Cijo Joseph Chennelil
All Copyrights Reserved@
On 19th March 2019

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