Will Be Repaid / Poem by Stefano Capasso 

Poem by Stefano Capasso 
Will Be Repaid 
with assume Currency
It’s just the dawn
and the Silence,
now tired,
goes away.
The light
she is back
to cheer life.
shines with Greatness
and blessed God
stands and watches.
But his silence
is broken
from crackling
of cursed weapons
that leave around
deaths and sorrows.
And then
by thieves and crooks
who get tired so much
to accumulate for itself
public money.
do not intervene,
people shout,
wounded and torn
from weighted nails?
a divine embankment
and away from us
of inhumane actions.
on top,
above the clouds
thunders mightily
a fiery oath:
Don’t despair
to the spread of criminals
because of them
I will have no mercy,
but I assure you
that will be repaid
with the same currency.
All rights reserved
@ copyright

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