Joanna Svensson (Sweden)

Joanna Svensson (Sweden)
Joanna Svensson is a swedish poet, writer and novelist. She has been writing and publishing her works ever since her early teens.
As a poet she has at present eight books of poetry of which The Seven Colors of my Life is published in the USA (in English) in 2019 and De sju färgerna i mitt liv in Sweden (in Swedish) in 2020 and its Arabic version published in Sweden in June 2021.
Czas Bez Dat; published in Polish in 2019. Longing (Sehnsucht) is a poetry collection in two parts (in German) published 2007 and 2008.
As a writer she has published two large fiction novels The Secret of the Medallion and The Key to Heaven in a trilogy. The third one On the other Side of the Door is ready for publishing in 2021.
Beside a new poetry collection Beyond the Tears of Rain, two other projects are in progress at the moment: A collection of 10 short stories Behind the Green Curtain, and a childrens-book, illustrated by her husband Per Josefsson, who is a professional translator, graphic designer and illustrator.
Fluid in three languages, she writes in Swedish, German and Polish. Her husband translates all of her work to english.
She is a member of the Sveriges Författarförbund, Författarcentrum Syd and The Society of Polish Writers living abroad. Has participated in several anthologies over the years and achieved many acknowledgements
for her prose and poetry. Her books are available at Svenska Akademibokhandeln, at BOKUS and at the Royal Library in Stockholm and several other libraries in Sweden and Poland.
In 2019 she was awarded 1:st prize at the Bucharest International Festival of Literature for her first novel
“The Secret of the Medallion” which is now being translated into English.
She is also very active in both Swedish and Polish literary society and she participates in several international prose- and poetry festivals around the world.
When darkness swept my path of thoughts
It felt just like it lead to nowhere
It felt just like a total stranger
It felt just like it wasn’t mine
I held my breath and felt upfilled
Like impowered by a certain feeling
Its appearance was overwhelming
With glittering warm and loving thoughts
Beaming just like diamonds
Beaming just like precious stones
I felt so very strongly
The nearness of love
And the one I love was just about
To embark this dark and unknown path
Because I knew that deep inside
Only true love and honesty
Can lead us towards the light
Not even the most and noble statues
In the most and grandeous society
With weapons, swords and golden medals
And priviledges and what else…
I now felt stronger
More fit than ever
With my clear and honest thoughts
Because I followed
The laws of God
Just like the unwritten words of nature
With unselfishness and with truth
With honesty and with submissiveness
With all this I will give others help!
The silent vessel of midnight
Once again it took me
Through the darkness of the night
Towards the dawn
Towards the land of light
Once again I tripped
Through the mirror of the universe
As so many times before
But tonight I knew that this
Would be a new adventure!
For this time I knew
What I didn’t know before
Last time I came to visit
I saw the brightest rocks
Of emeralds and rubins
Stuck in diamond gravel
Stuck in golden sand
The sand was all shimmering
Like made of purest gold
At closer look I saw
It was of purest gold
It came before me then
In my thoughts a single word
No greed and no desire
No urge to trade or deal
Pure luck upfilled my heart
Pure happiness filled my mind
To just see it but not own it
To let your heart be clean
So now I understand
When I’m about to return
To the life I live on earth
Many times you may see things
Just to see but not to own
Yes, I feel
Just like a millionair
When I get this certain feeling
Yes, Oh yes, I feel
So totally at peace
Just to reach the light
Of the Creator!
In my gardens of time
Little rooms in my life
Hidden in so many places
A little here – a little there
In poppy fields and calming forests
Hidden in the sand
On the widest, wildest beaches
There, where waves are flustering
Whispering the sweetest words
Words that ease my mind
Like sweetest balm for my soul
And I need to have the strength
To aim to go forth in life
So I allow myself to silently
Listen to the nature
To its power that do heal me
To its force that gives me the strength
To find calm in my life
To find peace in my existence
Its power gives me truly
Beams of energy and clouds of joy
Now I feel quite safe and sound
Filled with fresh and inner thoughts
So I will write with cheerful joy
Yes, I will write for now and always
With all the might that is within me
To sanctify the force of love!

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