Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
Early morning
Early morning I kissed the pink cloud…
I told her many things that
I could never tell to you
The truth is
You poison me
With silence
Red teapot
My loyal
The rain has come
The rain has gone
Your voice piercing my heart
About Nature
Nature is beautiful
Make-up Artist
Every day
Life is wonderful
your friendship
dedicate my nice Romanian friend V.D.
Your friendship
Gentle as breeze
Your friendship
Sweet as sugar
Your friendship
Enchanting as music
I adore your friendship
Alone in this house.
Everyone else is asleep.
My heart is wide awake
Why can’t I get to sleep
I am the rage of the wave
Who I am now
I don’t know
I am the rage of the wave
rainy day
I love rainy days
with a blanket and
a cup of green tea and book
no title
Words assemble.
White paper,
black ink.

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