QUINTESSENCE / Poem by Natalia Govsha

Poem by Natalia Govsha
I sank to the bottom of emptiness.
There is no rest. There is no silence.
There is no shadow of detachment
or completeness. There is
a crushing deafening worthlessness.
And from the bottom up through the layers
I look at the movement on the surface –
here life in confusion rushes around
left and right, and upside-down.
And everything slips by and by.
I feel like I’m in zero gravitation –
in weightlessness, out of sensations.
Outside of thoughts, sounds, and dimensions.
The cold of unwillingness kills consciousness.
Merging with fluid of emptiness.
Dissolving in it the ego and the essence.
And the eternal question
manifests itself in the quintessence –
have I ever existed?
© Natalia Govsha

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