Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
The serpentine whisper,of a heart willingly sold
To another, willingly taken by its own beat,
Opposite banks of a river flowing the Niles highway,
Intestinal twists of betrayal by those love evades,
Pettiness robbing sleep its ease
A mind bogged down by the irony of its desires,
Exceptional are expectations of petitions of unattainable dreams,
As two men bogged down with fresh soil dripping
Above a casket of an adored, loved soul that could never make its mind,
A new day on the sacred journey of the road of life and its amorous dance,
When two antagonists played center ball at the disaster of deaths penalty
Finally putting a nail as it were,
On the coffin of love gone past clandestine dates.
Fine folks that we are, drunk on fables of blood glory,
Giants with pitch forks, stubbing wellness in the gut,
How the ‘mighty’ speaks and acts!
Belligerent plethora of poofs for truth
Running from paths they once set,
“Settlers of already settled settlements”
Smoke stings their eyes now
Blubbering lights that only know dark,
Right shoe shifted to left,
A pitch like nothing so far known,
Overnight the map we know retreats to old terms,
And what a time of it!
Moles rise with the sun to rubble rouse rights,
Serpent’s surface from the rocks to hiss rights,
The devil cools his forked tongue with tirades of justice
What a time of it!
Ravage has visited the men with secret mantles,
A wild mouth dance plays and replays its assumed injuries,
Flags drop half mast, quater mast and finally bow to the blizzard
As the wind that set off at life’s numero zero,
Settles once more to the language all life knows,
LOVE; can and has been known to cause hurt to those who hate.
A time of it as we are living!
A necklace, an arm band, a sparkle and a smile,
A go to person in the night of sorrow when no words suffice,
A pat, a nod, a lean of the head on a sagging shoulder,
A counsel tender in harsh weather when truth rains blows,
Knowing without knowing how we know which moments to call,
A master key befitting the hearts lock
Bidden goodbye with smiling tears,
For in its beauty of stay and the luxury of days,
It’s absence is only a physical dream,
An eternal song past millenia and counting,
Ancient as the soil on which our tents dwell.
You not only run a lone race,you cheer self as well,
Somethings, bitter must be swallowed even without an assisting sip of water,
Life has no debts or loans to it,
Emotions are for man in his passage,
With Angel’s standing guard letting choices make the steps,
Down denounces discomfort even as it teaches humility,
Up applauds arrival with noses uplifted with pride,
Sometimes, you not only question life but answer it with a moments smug remark,
Why me flows bitter tears and a chocking gasp,
Tomorrow, past the fence you see thunder rolling and step back ,
Wondering if you were right in condemning your corner,
So, when nights are dark as sometimes they will,
Draw your own stars and tip a cup even if it’s a quarter full,
It could have been worse!

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