Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny
Where to, the birds of freedom fly….
To where, have the free birds , gone
The sky is clear, with lights and sun
The spring is offering the warmth of love
They were cuddled with peace from above….
Are we torturing the human souls
And leading the world to darker paths
To where are we going with hatred and wars
Into a foggy future, gloomy and foul..
Oh birds of freedom and flair
Guide us to where love is divinity
Where no pain.. No despair
Just the pure beauty of eternity…
Give me your hand .. And take mine
Toward a dawn of ever blooming flowers
To a peaceful tomorrow, in love’s sunshine
To a happiness forever ours….
By Hana Shishiny
June 2 2021
(c) all rights reserved
A tired Dove
Has life become a faking game
Playing the face of happiness
Of contentment and peace of mind…
Of ever blooming spring,
When heart keeps the flames..
Tired of being a flying Dove
Searching light, in far away skies
Wings falling.. Barefeet bleeding in thrive
Looking for a gate to open, to Bliss from above..
O God.. Open that gate for me
Hold me in your blessing arms
World is aching.. Wounded… to be free
Seeking your healing warmth.. Your heaven’s balm
By Hana.Shishiny
May 2020
(c) all rights reserved

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