Sandesh Ghimire (Nepal)

Sandesh Ghimire (Nepal)
Sandesh Ghimire is an entrepreneur, engineer, educationist, International peace activist, writer and poet from Nepal, and has an engineering degree from Acharya Institute of Technology. As a writer, he has written articles for several international publications including Srujan Panicle (India), Kametsa magazine (Peru), Homo Universalis magazine (Greece) and The Poet magazine (England). His recent poetry collection is titled Peace and Harmony. He has served as the chartered member of Chitwan Central Leo & Lions Club, International Coordinator of ScienceForum, International Coordinator of Srujanothsava, Coordinator of National Service Scheme( NSS). He is a life member of ARTDO International and is currently an official convenor for the Kalika School International Advisory Board.
Mother Nature
I seldom find myself in times of sadness
neither do I remember the last time when I laugh
The breezes over my soil are always cool
It’s been the reason why I act like a fool
Dreams and desires are full of options and residues
What remains, at last, is the silence of virtue
Mother Nature you are so loving and kind
though human desires have ruined your surround
There was a time when the sky was wary
Your greenery was full of belle and spirit
But look mother what we have done
Our silly experiments have given you a lot of scars
Mother Earth, Mother Nature we want to rebuilt
What we have ruined we want to recreate
Give us one more chance one more day
We want to correct all that went wrong
We want to correct all that went wrong
Fools Mind
what a misery what a demise
Can feel the pouring tears all day and night
Never seen these bad times
even the intelligent one can’t fight
Thought we were at heights
No one could touch our might
How the scenario has switched
With the single virus microscopic type
Beginning a battle, we can’t win
we thought ourselves the boss of every kind
Nature is Hitting back hard and tight
our scientific research has come to a decline
Our fools mind our fools’ search
Brought us to the end this all
Closing ourselves between the walls
We are now the prisoners of our own
Oh, Mighty Oh lord
Praying for you loud and clear
When it’s going to end this all
Bless us with some luck
Bless us with some luck
Family Man
My father once said to me
there are two kinds of women
you’ll always meet
The first will give you love and family
The life you seek
the second will provide you
The aim you aspire
If you’re one of the lucky few
you will find both in one frame
But if you find yourself
to choose between them
then always choose to be the family man
Lost soul
They were child they were happy
They were together for time so long
Bounded by promises and pledge
They were holding life in each other breathe
They were teen they were jolly
They were fancy in some new worlds
Frisked by sweet smile and grin
They were chocked in each other words
They grew up they were occupied
They were seldom thinking of each other’s time
Strayed by neon and lights
They were lost souls in their life
They were old they were discrete
They were unknown to both
Drown in their off-track street
They were two lost souls
Life is a journey
Life is a journey with memories
Achievements along with fails and breaks
Just keep walking through
It’s a journey of learn and train
You will meet the finest you
With age, wisdom will sprout
Just keep walking though
It’s a road to thrive and boom
Many came and went
Many felt they will never fell
Just live happy and cherry
You don’t know when your time will end
Life is a journey with memories
Friends along with foes and nemesis
Just pray for every kind soul
You will find your inner life goals
You will find you inner life goals
The First Step
Don’t search for meanings
sometimes just let it be
take that first step
create a miracle
the world needs to see
Just make a push
to your front trail
devise a journey
Your future self will praise

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