Rozalia Aleksandrova (Bulgaria)

Rozalia Aleksandrova (Bulgaria)
Rozalia Aleksandrova lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She was born in the magical Rhodope Mountains, the cradle of Orpheus. Author of 11 poetry books: “The House of My Soul” (2000), “Shining Body” (2003), “The Mystery of the Road” (2005), “The Eyes of the Wind” (2007) , “Parable of the key” (2008), “The Conversation between Pigeons” (2010), “Sacral” (2013), “The Real Life of Feelings” (2015), “Pomegranate from Narrow” (2016), “Brushy”(2017), “Everything I did not say”(2019). Editor and compiler of over fifteen literary almanacs, collections and anthologies. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers.
Her poems was translated into many languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Serbian, Italian, Albanian, Greek, Turkish. Her poems have been published in many prestigious collections, almanacs, literary magazines and websites in Bulgaria, Europe and the world: “Literary world” Bulgaria – 2014, 2016, 2017…; “Wiersze wybrane – Rozalia Aleksandrowa” – London, UK -2015; antologies “Metafora wspolczesnosci” from 2017 – (USA, Poland); “Şiirden Yayıncılık” – Istanbul 2017, 2018; “The Year of the Poet” – USA – 2018, 2020; “The Poet”- (UK, 2019, 2021); Grihaswamini magazine, India – 2020; Azahar, Revista Poetica 2021; “Poemame”, Spain – 2021; ATUNIS GALAXY POETRY 2021 – 2022; Antology “Serbia, World Poets 2021”; “Poetry and Literature World Vision” –Bangladesh 2021; „Under the Azure Sky” – India – 2021; “World poets, female voices” (English poems) – Netherland – 2021 and other.
In March 2006 she created a poetic-intellectual association “Quantum and Friends” for the promotion of quantum poetry in civil society, Plovdiv and Bulgarian phenomenon. Initiator and chief organizer of the International Festival of Poetry SPIRITUALITY WITHOUT BORDERS from 2015.
Apart from being a poet, she is also a scientist. He deals with the study and reflections of quantum and torsion theory in the field of language, poetry, culture, medicine, philosophy and methodology of science. He has published a book with popular science essays “Let’s open the door to the meaning or reflections of information science“, Plovdiv 2015.
One step away from immortal deeds,
you understand who you are in a world of mistakes.
The heart has quietly smiled the world,
turning it into a human world.
To know, to forgive and to love –
the holiest science and ordinance.
The heart truly calls truths.
And it is a arbiter, a joy and a bеdding.
We live forever. And we live short.
Between Hosanna and Crucify Him!
To be earthly. And to be messengers.
Golgotha awaits our innocence.
Can I take your sadness?
And when I add mine to yours
blue overflows in green.
Wing scattered us around the world:
Birds, ready for the dawn,
Birds of freedom.
Links of a row,
Flying against demons
And lightnings
So that love can be.
IN MY WOMB a light is shining,
touched by star splashes.
Universes and crucifixes she was.
And a gift from the grey Magi.
Come to the rebellious Earth!
And fertilize the troubled and the insatiable!
Heaven of truths of light.
And a wail of the smouldering passions.
In the wombs, that gave birth to Love,
you conceive Your Day immortal.
And the meaning is Beauty.
And an eternal Day.
And eternally wise.

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