TO EUROPE WITH LOVE– 2 (Names for Laocoon’s Sons) / Poem by George Onsy

Poem by George Onsy
Names for Laocoon’s Sons
Europe dear,
Where’s your ancient Greece’s
Wiseman gone?
Have you ever his two sons known?
If you don’t know let me tell you:
One is FRANCE’s Marat
The other is GERMANY’s Goethe
Both … both with their father
Didn’t survive the deadly serpents’ bites
The first, the Revolution’s martyr,
For his patriotism
The second, for challenging
Through his ‘Faust’ all devil’s pacts
Some think that Trojan Horse
Is galloping over the abyss between
Yesterday’s myth and today’s facts.
Oh, if only ENGLAND’s Shakespeare
Had sketched in his plays any leader,
Somewhere between his retired King Leer
And imperialism-addicted Macbeth!
But as both are now powerless penniless
In the playwright’s inky graveyard,
Some may think that foreseeing
Trojan Horse’s incarnation
Is not that hard
Wait! Let me try to ask ITALY’s Dante
Who’s still busy building an endless ladder
Between his ‘Inferno’ and ‘Paradiso’:
Have you mentioned in your ‘Comedia’
A thousand and one Troys
Where every ‘Laocoonian parties
Are condemned for being too wise?
Some would ask: But should Trojan Horse
Always be of such a massive size?
But at Dante’s Paradise,
Though unmentioned,
SPAIN’s Cervantes
Who had once been trodden
By past horses wild
Has been always there
Ready to send his Don Quixote
Who has taught the whole world
How to be ridiculous in order
To secure one’s crazy dreams
Thus, he finds no shame to ride
That ever-pregnant wooden horse
For whatever its bowels would bring
There will be no risk … yes …
Remember all parties, all factions,
All unions, all camps, all sects
That the past plaguing horse
Had no rider, no spur, no bridle
Today, to keep peace alive, we should say:
Where there’s a horse there is a horseman.
That what I’ve guessed, dear Europe,
From your Renaissance heroes’ works,
And that what a coming-soon Renaissance
Of no arms but only banners white
Will bloodlessly put into action
So, let’s wait for the apocalyptic knight!
With my artwork combining our RRM3’s Logo, my painting in the background (THE INDIAN WHEEL OF EXISTENCE IN DIALOGUE WITH THE TEMPLE OF ATHENS FRIEZE’S FIGURES-2015), and a selection of world paintings and sculptures to depict the poem’s theme and elements.

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