Poems by Marija Najthefer Popov

Poems by Marija Najthefer Popov
The Last One
Where are you?
You are the last of those all
Who met me on the way of love,
I'm preparing,
And all that is ugly to pack,
I leave it here as a part of myself,
Let it be so,
Though I love my sweet memories.
Now you have come on the way…
In a dream, I dream for the eternal life
And in flight I go around
In the moments of carnal existence…
I wait you as a last lover,
Ready to go the way, hand in hand,
Without any fear, without looking back…
Do it quietly, deftly!
Let them not grieve long,
My loved ones,
And those who followed me,
Waved at me joyfully,
The newlyweds who meet on the way…
Rain or tears
I’m struggling with this rain
everyday someone in the sky cries
uncomfortable and stronger
it affects my mood
it’s hard to breathe
and I’m not sure anymore
am i crying too
behind that heavenly sadness
or are we both crying
These rains are bothering me with the tears of heaven
If my tears were falling like a water jump
You’d know I’m crying too.
We are going to the country of sadness.
They will meet us there again
At some point
someone is going to cry again
and there will be drought
to the evaporation
Flight of tears to the sky.
These heavy rains are choking me.

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