Poems by Gunsel Djemal Elustun

Poems by Gunsel Djemal Elustun


  Gunsel  Djemal  Elustun

My longing

Desired kiss of a life time

Noah has touched the beach

Didn’t we see the supplication of the ocean

To the pearl to quit her shell

In Eastbourne

The passion of lavender

Is a wild lover

In the evenings while the moon is rubbing her cheeks 

on to my bed

Breathe me in

My longing

Is older than the universe.


When we started this journey
there was no us
hearts were hanging on toes
sending to the lips
memories captured in our hearts
compelled to circulate
dew brewed at the top of the mountain
first told me that his taken his dreams
from mine
while I used to walk around stray 
at Waterloo Bridge

For the sake of Love 

 God designed the world

How many times have I avoided the rebellion in my eyes

What kind of a game is this?

In the garden of art

To regenerate

Letters are rotting in my brain

Wanting revolution



Non-the less silence

My love is my pen

Second-hand words are cursed

This scene should change

The world is space, its space is God

For the sake of love…

For I is it Rosemary? Or its scent?

Reminding me of the woman’s loneliness

As the rosemary’s, basil’s and jasmine’s are running out of the mountains

Oh God it is the place of my death

My love, I get lost in the green of your apocalypse

Carry on longing my eyes,

In between embers and eyes

I decided to become rich

And I will be selling laughter

While the children are disappearing

They decided to increase the amount of the schools.

Not from LOVE 

Those who leave

reminds the sea

not only the foaming waves

are my loneliness

as the pain proliferates

my eyes

plunges into the ocean

the other half of my heart

the wind caressing my skin

smells like you

fuming head

and the skirts are bereaved

the mountains of mine

my hands are tight to my pockets

how many poems have I knitted in darkness

and how many longings I have raised

for separation?

Not from LOVE!

 You were gonna cry 

 You left your diminishing eyes into a quarter droplets

Was it the collapsing salt pain inside?
The forsaken should be the other half
Deep darkened sigh was poured from within
This sighs/was it that you’ve painted into red/ darkened
The drop figured out being a quarter
Was this right
As gone wounded
Who abandons goes with shame?
To abandon and to be abandoned
Does it mean congestion?
Without letting yourself to the wind
You looked at the drifting cloud
Letters were runabout, coward and about to cry
Places are not contaminated are confined in letters
The pencils paint and the white pages of the book are innocent
You were duplicating shadowy fears decadent
Five Fingers were publishing dirty books
Trees were self-consuming themselves
As your pupils were crying to the sea the trees were writing
Mermaids must have been collecting the shooting stars
From multiplicity and nothingness the ears are deaf
You become not liking the crowds and fish
Heartless beach girls were stepping on sand
You left your diminishing eyes on to a quarter pebbles.
You were going to cry.

I cannot tell

Silence falls on

Misty streams

Strange clouds

Evasive dreams

Stars and the moon

Waving grass


The loud confusion of the heart

Quiet lost

Hungers, pains in each war

Not knowing when

And where to run

I cannot tell.

 Happy Valentine

Institutionalized greed

Forget chocolates and the red roses

Red Monster

attacking the pocket books

February 14 identical to other days

I will go to work

to spend a nice time with my colleagues

at nightfall

despite the train disruptions

as usual

my husband will play the guitar.

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