Poems by Dr. L. SR. Prasad

Poems by Dr. L. SR. Prasad



Rome is not built in a day nor literature,
A giant tree was a small seed in nature,
It is the need of hour explodes into culture, 
It is the rules of grammar causes stricture!

A poet is a bird sings with his syrinx,
A poet is a bard sings with his strings,
A poet is a guard protects Muse springs,
A poet is a minor God in his creative zinx!

We learn to walk as time goes by,
We learn to write as rhyme goes by,
We learn to love as prime goes by,
We learn to die as death goes by!

The gardener is careful about the weeds,
The painter is careful about the bleeds,
The farmer is careful about the breeds!
The grammarian is careful of misdeeds!

The Egyptian mirrors were of brass,
The Chinese mirrors were of glass,
The Medieval mirrors were very gross,
The Facebook mirrors are of dross!

As the kingdom grows borders are broken
As the fiefdom grows freedom is a token,
As the boredom grows Facebook is taken,
As the wisdom grows errors are forsaken!

We learn more as we walk in silent shores,
We learn as we stalk our stock in shares,
We learn when we lose or gain that cares,
We learn less if we go in obsessive scares!

Facebook poetry may not be in pink health,
Intensive care unit is out of poets wealth,
But at present it is not in that bad breath,
Intensive scare unit has the remedial berth!

(To Sagar Kataria ji with thanks)



Yes! I used to caress the cool winds of fragrance from the distant seas,
I did play with the sizzling waves and froth Pearls on white sand dunes,
I loved to collect bivalves, cones and pebbles that whisper ancient tunes,
But from that day when I saw Alan kurdi’s body floating on waves my mind flees!

Yes! I used to relish the petrichor emanates from the first rain drenched earth,
I did pray to the rain God for giving new life to the parched lands and rainbow mirth,
I loved to collect hailstones, precious stones and mushrooms in nature’s berth,
But from the day I saw acid rains pouring poisons on people I cursed human birth!

Yes! I used to walk in the emerald woods conversing with leaves and flowers,
I did worship muses near parnassus springs and orchards with word lovers,
I loved to collect gold amber copper fall leaves for my poem figures and covers,
But from the day when they killed fauna n flora to extinction I go for refuge towers!

Yes! I used to stay warm near fires and chimneys in wild winter seasons,
I did pay my obligations to agni- fire God with reverence with sacred reasons,
I loved to collect fire in stored forms to keep me comfortable in dark prisons,
But from the day they kept fire in secret weapons n missiles I suffered worst visions!

Yes! I used to fly in my dreams to the distant lands in the blue coruscant sky,
I did understand why some gods and seas are blue in color and stays deep high,
I loved to collect images of clouds, stars and lamps of day and night in moods shy,
But from the day they dumped the space with satellite garbage I found my eyes dry!

Yes! I used to follow my parents holding my hands in serene parks n beaches,
I did run with peer groups and enjoyed the bliss of comradeship that far reaches,
I loved to collect montages and memories in minds diary that spoke no breaches,
But from the day when I saw in a house every one is alone in gadget screeches,




We gathered our weary feet into a grotto full to the throat with spectators,
A guitar was delivering rustic tunes like the ancient ektara’s vibrant reactors,
Then came the foot tapping dance with the human factor as singers and actors,
Is the cry of human soul that comes out in impromptu springing emotional factors!

The jondo is an appeal, a scream, a lament, a bellyful of laughter or an outburst!
The songs of bygone era, the tragicomic episodes of folklore and the angst,
The peeling of deep thrust emotions layer by layer like the paintings in color thirst,
The pain is visible in elegant surrealistic movements and fine foot tap gusto best!

The Palos of Flamenco are spontaneous call and response of life’s seasons,
The rhythm is moody and magical stops of silent gaps for absorbing reasons,
The performers improvise on everyday basis seeking audience sacred silence,
The magic, the mystery, the excitement all- el duende- an enchanting rare experience!

On the Tablo in a vaulted cave where natural sounds reverberate in intimacy,
The Flamenco song and dance takes one into the dreamland of haunting privacy!


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