Poems by Maki Starfield

Poems by Maki Starfield
One thousand frogs”
Today I saw one thousand frogs
They came nearby me
I’m falling in my sorrow.
They were sure
that you would come.
Divine journey.
They are all sad.
Yes, all one thousand of them
dressed in mourning.
They were happy
to baptize you with love,
to give you the song.
No! I don’t cry
But if not, is it their croaking
that makes me blue?
My sweet frog,
my rose petal,
—am I already dead?
This is life.
But your charm reminds me
of my promise.
Fate sometimes
swallows darkness, too
and rejects it.
Japan is far away,
but your scent lives
even in my eyes.
It will be autumn
when we can meet together.
The thousand frogs are all calling to you, to you!
Prayer of Amaterasu
Delicate light rays in the palm
Born from the left eye of Izanagi
You are Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun
– Dedicated to the poet Dileep Jhaveri
In the light of the sun
A girl is calling
Soft black hair
Melts in the light of the sun
Dazzling with the roses’ blossoms
Living grass, roots of trees capture the earth,
In the peace and silence of this earth, the girl
Offers a prayer
Gentle drip of rain drops,
There is no storm, a small babble is heard
Peaceful restoration breaks the skeleton,
Where it falls in the darkness –
The last death is what human beings receive
Beautiful goddess of Amaterasu,
The goddess who is strongly in love!
Looking at the sunset,
What do you see in the darkness at the end of the world?
The girl was thinking
Nobody approaches in the darkness
She will not stare at that depth
The girl keeps praying
Goddess of Amaterasu,
Conquer the sun
Silence the world,
Change the stars to gray!
The goddess of Amaterasu
With black eyes,
Shines to burn the light of the moon
The girl approaches the goddess
She wishes to become a goddess
Thinking half-seriously
The goddess gradually faded
The girl became full
The sun!

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