Save Mother Earth… / Poem by Akshaya Kumar Das

Poem by Akshaya Kumar Das
Save Mother Earth…
Save the Environment ,
Save the planet,
A prosperous Human civilization,
Busy in destroying forests & plantations,
Sky rocketing human ambitions,
Dreams of Rapid fire city expansions,
Destroys the dreams of mother nature,
Forgets about the flora, fauna & othet creatures,
Every living creature has a right to live,
But greedy human aspirations compels them to leave,
As if life is only their birth right,
Leaves others to extinction & fight,
Had life not been subject to death,
Material desires of humans would have throttled other’s breathe,
Save mother earth with her endowed environment,
Never disturb other’s peace of mind inside the planet,
©® Akshaya Kumar Das,
@ All Rights Reserved.

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