COLOURS / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
I am a black cloud
You are an angel
You are a black cloud
I am an angel
We are from the universe
We are hugging each other without end
Somewhere between the beginning
And the end
Some other eyes are around us
And between us
For some reason
Look at me my angel
I am red
You are green
I am yellow
You are blue
Do we have enough magic arrows
To protect this world from itself
This is a new geometry
Everything belongs to circles
Even you and me
I have encompassed you
With the circle of my hands
The measurement is two feet
Imagine red-black
Black and green
Black and blue
Dancing tango
Let’s dance too
Here in the moonlight to make millions of circles
In the center of the globe
Let’s dance
So that we scatter love
And its benefits
On the Earth
On the universe
With the speed of light
Let love break from its own shell
And flow from your poem
Flow from your picture
Let the Earth and space hug each other
Firmly like the two of us
Let the universe love the Earth
So that love can break down all barriers
I would like to break circles
And to destroy boundaries
We are all winners
A test of love and geometry
And the test of tolerance.

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