UNDER MY SKIN / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
When we look superficially,
when we behave superficially,
we are unaware of a whole deep world
that vibrates under our skin.
I start by peeling myself layer by layer
and I am not afraid of sinking
into the heart of my core.
It is magnificent to discover
that under my skin,
a world of light and colour revolves.
There may be surprises,
but that eagerness
is the enticing part of the task.
If I sink into a sea of ​​roses and heather,
full of honey hives,
I can make the most of the experience,
because that is the reward
for the tribulations passed in this life.
If I ever sink into a stinking mire,
full of reptiles and saurians,
I will not bemoan it,
but I will thank God for the opportunity
to atone for my sins
and repent of the evil
I have certainly done in this life.
After the atonement,
I will undoubtedly be a being of light,
capable of playing a game of chess
with my brothers
already enlightened beings!
Let’s use the banana as an analogy,
how many times
when peeling one with yellow skin,
inside it has black spots
and other times
a banana with black skin,
inside is a delight.
They say
that’s when the banana does it best.
Judging someone by appearances
is a huge mistake
that will leave us glued to the skin,
the label of injustice,
flanked by their nurses,
ignorance, ill will,
intolerance, cruelty
and the little girl named envy!
The skin has three main layers
and seven strata,
let us peel off layer by layer
very slowly and very delicately
so we can absorb everything
without damaging it,
with the sole purpose of learning
and never of judgment.
Let us leave this task to God,
the only judge, we know is incorrupt!
©Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
Copyright 06/01/21

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