Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu
stage, the POETRY CHARM
… I write to feel deepness of emotions
to surrender to the blessings of verses
in this mausoleum are hidden
opium, love, last, hatred, boredom, patriotism
a place where beauty comes to life
verses reach heavens
prudence of sincerity rules
paradise gates are opened
angels descend from heaven
nobility awaits at the threshold of veranda
I feel being arrested by calmness.
Endless spiritual tranquility offers
heals me
near is when for care I aspire
my daughter, calms me down as one of the divine creatures .
As though air whispers
perhaps is the intuition of an Architect
in me builds house of generosity
decorates my room with soothing words.
Her eyes stare at me
penetrate deep into the soul
smile heals the wounds of the heart
words carefully guide me.
Dad, you and I will drink coffee Downtown
just us at the table by the White River
Dad, I know your favorite place
we will sit in the corner of the bistro
I will look for Pink Floyd instrumental notes of harmony.
Then we will go to your youth ‘The bank of the river’
at the source of the Plane we will remind past
come on dad, please
only we will spend this spring day together …
Midnight, it is drizzling
down the road, I heard sayings it is poets dwelling
me, passer by
I knocked on the gate
would like to meet artists
letter lovers
pearls of society, gents and ladies of the word
on the door
golden inscription, engraved book
‘’We are writing’’.
I knocked, thin old man’s voice
welcomed me at the gate of knowledge
come to the oasis of honesty
to the world of wisdom
tired, he sat down
suddenly feet betrayed, short racket is heard
opened are eyes
head rests on the book of poems
calmness rules.
Next day, poets are gathered
writing an epitaph
books are dedicated to schools
offer smile to youth
literature to rich minds
gently acknowledging *bardos of poetry will reign.

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