Brajesh Singh (India)

Brajesh Singh (India)
Brajesh Singh is a writer, poet, and translator, postgraduate in Law Management from Lucknow University, India. He has worked with the editorial team of Kritya International Poetry Festival 2021. Currently, he is working in UP State Government.
A Torch
A flickering torch,
just now lit many pyres at riverside
and streamed silent lamentations.
Dimming light of crematorium,
water mirror reflected the scorched polymorph
wearing a mask with poisonous laughter.
Nicknamed in the Roman alphabet,
erasing all other languages and dialects,
as if self-declaration of the universal king of skeletons.
Suddenly! a spark fell on the water mirror,
impregnable fortress began to collapse
and animalistic laughter follows.
Beaches waving with laughter,
resonating valleys with songs,
alive colorful nights, dazzling lively stadiums,
some prisoners just released from jails
and gatherings inviting Tsunami.
A fake global emperor with an ugly face
wearing a subtly spiky crown, with the genetics of SARS-COV-2,
by mutations in nucleotide and RNA genome
transformed in archenemy of human being
as soon Geneology defines, each variant is nicknamed.
Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta
Eta, Iota, Kappa and Lambda,
Greek alphabet neither to learn
nor to solve calculations of geometry;
just an awakening of his transmission.
Renowned virologist world over
putting their best to invent Brahmastra in laboratories
for modern Raktbeej variants,
lethal demons penetrating
the thorax of angels along with all of us.
The torch warns
Vaccinate everyone, the distance of two yards,
Facemask and hand sanitization are musts.
(Brahmastra-a mythological infallible weapon, Raktbeej- a mythological demon defeated by Goddess Kali)

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