Suchismita Ghoshal (India)

Suchismita Ghoshal (India)
Suchismita Ghoshal hails from West Bengal, India. At the age of 23, she has been continuously leaving her footprints in the contemporary literary world. She is an widely published author, internationally reputed bilingual poet, spoken word poet, professional writer, content writer, editor and critic, translator (Bengali, English), performer, communicator and literary influencer. She’s been invited to many international festivals and open mics. Her awards, accolades and achievements not only inspire her more to write but also to influence her through the kindness of her words. Her solo books “Fields of Sonnet”, “Emotions & Tantrums” & “Poetries in Quarantine” are available on Amazon website.
My earnestness of tracing love will never end because I have found the basic seeking tendency from the arena of art and culture. The completeness it provides can never be described through some words. My feelings, wrapped in the papers of elation may be found within myself while going beyond and knowing beyond my boundaries. The spaciousness of art is something related to the procedures of starting from scratch to reaching the desired goals. My eyes might be rotating incessantly to catch more beauty while traveling from one place to another either in a leisurely manner or in a hurried mode, either in my classroom listening to the lectures and finding for the depth and purpose, equally, of the topics taught or exhaustingly journeying back to my room, I do notice minute things to be recorded on my head. And later, I smile for all the processes I have exercised throughout an entire day. My idleness doesn’t not necessarily prove my retirement as my engagements are into observing my surroundings and gathering inspiration. Theorizing things that we mostly ignore sometimes give us the greatest lessons with a plethora of knowledge. And the exhilaration lies in this learnt knowledge. This life might not be long but it has a vast expanse of various applications which is to be felt, surmised and then spread away.
A Secluded Bus
Now that I am hanging around a bus stand,
I see a bus , heavily secluded standing alone,
As alone as someone has snatched all its happiness.
I am stagnant at a point,
Halting to notice the bus carefully
I try to avoid the rampage of people,
The exaggerated noises of tea stalls,
The gatherings of frustrated people,
& all the motions coming to distract my stillness.
I take a step forward,
Not knowing what’s going to happen next,
I boarded now on the bus,
It’s calmful for it’s abandoned now;
I feel the beauty of letting go,
The smell of sacrifice tempts me.
How easily it has pardoned for all its losses,
Like a mother does to his sons’ sins.
I feel an intense connection,
A lesson of forgiveness I learnt,
A touch of serenity I found
& a tip of little compassion I loved.
Not all the things we see
Are evergreen forever,
All we need to hold
Is our power of forgiveness,
Compassion, love & patience.
A secluded bus,
Which seemed secluded, alone & abandoned
Was truly not those.
It carries a lot of virtues
That touched its golden tip on my skin.
Happy me, noted the notions of life,
& passing by the bus stand
Crossing among all the uncertainty
& tensed thoughts the place supplies.
The Smell of Time
The day I smelled the elegance of time,
My life changed.
Every passing thing that has motion wrapped in its heart,
Even the minutes marched past
Smelled like a pink shy rose,
Once cherished like the best odour of world
& the next time gone forever.
The sanctified dew drops are like people,
Some changes your motive
& some forces you through their motives .
I loved the flow of water
But little did it seemed befuddling me
With its speed in per second,
The day I knew that was an urge invitation
To catch every little bit of it & utilize,
I voidlessly looked at the sky
Sniffing the essence of air,
& felt its significance.
I am the beloved of time,
Tracing its grace each & every moment,
Sometimes I steal glance of it
& head straight towards a blank place
To embrace my own loneliness.
Roses & time are complementary to each other,
One allures you to snatch it
& the other snatches your opportunity to allure others.
The smell of time,
Spreads each & every second
& makes your head shuffling & body shuddering;
Either catch it or act it,
You never know
What’s you gain in favour of it!

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