Poems by Ana Toma

Poems by Ana Toma
Unending love
I imagine the two of us,
ambling late at night,
in a deserted southern beach,
where waves crawl gently,
to the sandy lonesome shore.
Barefoot, half-naked,
hand-holding with passion,
while interlocking fingers.
I imagine the two of us,
smiling to the half moon,
singing lyrics that rewire
our hearts and hidden dreams,
in a quiet, gentle voice.
I imagine the two of us
growing old gracefully.
Having white-winter hair,
altering beauty for wisdom,
celebrating every storm,
sailing forward on a second wind.
Our sun-kissed, sweet faces,
full of smooth bronzed wrinkles,
will be glowing entirely.
I imagine the two of us,
rephrasing and grow the story
of that late summer,
when the hungry-sun,
toasted our skin,
somewhere in America.
The yellow book of promises
“Tell me now: what weighs more in your heart,
His unkept promises or your fantasies of having a broken family?”
She has forgotten his face,
Aside from his eyes that are full of her absence.
Cemeteries are lonely, well kept and peaceful.
She stares at each grave’s stone,
Daydreaming of how beautiful life is.
The bell of the Church, chimes every hour.
She has lost the sense of time,
But enjoys the music of death
Staged in her head.
Children don’t mind to play “hide and seek”
In this hot weather.
They are screaming, smiling and running.
They only stop to drink cold water.
She follows their movements.
Sometimes she runs too.
As she opened the yellow book of promises
Carefully written when she rarely spoke to him,
She crossed out each sentence and erased each promise..,
Freeing herself from fake dreams.
Dreaming of Malibu
There is a wise man who lives in Malibu,
In his early fifties or a few more.
He keeps surfing all-over her dreams:
Singing, rock dancing, all the day long.
There is a sandy-haired man in Malibu,
A handsome man, wreathed in smiles.
He’s single like her, perhaps divorced:
“In search of an intelligent woman”.
There is a fun-loving male surfer in Malibu,
Who rides naked, catching the best wave.
He’s getting rolled around,(in underwater)
In a scary ocean, this 4th of July.
There is a “Birthday Lady” with a kind soul,
Wearing the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen.
She’s a friendly talker, a heeding listener.
A caring person, who lives in her dreams.
The happiest poem
I can write the happiest poem
just by thinking of us.
Your smile covers my soul
like the dew covers
the early spring flowers,
Every sunrise and evening.
Your lips are mine.
Kissing you is magic.
I raise taller than the sky
When I’m with you.
I touch the heat of the sun,
When we make love.
I talk to the stars and the moon
About how much I miss you,
And how you brighten my life.
I sing to the clouds
About my happiness
And they listen to my words
Like I’m the chosen woman
On this earth,
Speaking the language of love,
Feeling the bleeding of my heart.
I read to the birds,
Poems that I wrote to you.
I teach them how to fly high,
and compose a new song,
So they can tweet a new melody,
For their loved ones.
I can write the happiest poem
Just by thinking of us.
I feel your presence,
Like a thirsty desert
Feels the rain.
Even when we’re apart,
And missing each other,
I smile through the moonlight,
So you can learn how to dream.
(All we asked for was to be loved)
©️Ana Toma

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