Anita Pešić (Serbia)

Anita Pešić (Serbia)
Anita Pešić was born in Niš, Serbia on 8th April in 1987. Anita developed her talent for writing from an early age. So far, she has published three books of poems for children of different ages and one drama text:
“The colors of my soul”
“Garden of the Imagination”
“Flight to the World”
“Sunny and fairies”
She is a teacher, specialized in drama art and honorable member of the “Association of the best teachers – ANN EX YU” in the former Yugoslavia.
Anita’s writings are represented in numerous national and international anthologies. She is the winner of many accolades and awards in Serbia and beyond. Her poems have been translated into English, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romani, Italian, Spanish, Hindi and Nepali language.
Anita makes unique toys and puppets, based on children’s drawings or even pictures.
She organizes creative competitions and workshops for children and adults.
Anita is also working as a journalist and translator for Serbian site “Pokazivač”.
In her free time, Anita composes her own poems. She writes songs for puppet theater shows and draws illustrations for books. Photography, painting and dancing are her hobbies too, she loves being creative all the time.
Do you hear it?
The rain is playing…
Pure, like a blessing,
it clears our minds
of all superflues thoughts.
I feel the tremendous power
from each drop
that slides gently down my face…
My cheeks rejoice this melody
of peace and acceptance…
The rain revives my dry lips
and my eyelids are refreshed…
Still, I keep my eyes closed
and focus on internal impressions.
I deeply enjoy this romantic dance with rain…
Who needs an umbrella
when you are touched so delicately
by the sky and God’s mercy…?
You don’t need a raincoat
or any other clothes,
just go out and feel it
with your bare feet
and naked body.
Let your voice
be heard and composed by the wind,
in the rhythm of rain…
Let your emotions be sacred and immortalized…
Let the rain become your beloved instrument.
May peace and happiness follow you,
Always enjoyment, never sadness.
May someone else love you forever
With the greatest power of my affection.
In her smile, you will recognize me,
Be her lover, friend and brother.
Do with her what you didn’t do with me –
Make love with her, not war.
If you discover the spring waters in her
From which only angels drink,
Don’t break her wings too
When they embrace your soul.
If she gives you hope with her smile
And awakens your desire for progress,
Love her like you never loved before
And you will become better in every sense.
Don’t be afraid that you will lose yourself,
Your freedom, sapience or something else,
Let your soul merge with hers
And create something bigger than both.
Surrender with your whole being,
Do not spare tenderness and caring,
You will understand, when life passes,
She is the only one who is worth it.
If I were the rain,
I would clear people’s pain.
I would help those who cry
to spread wings and touch the sky.
Every drop I’d fill with grace,
gratitude would fill this space.
I would cover ground with love
and let rainbow shine above.
Heavy clouds would bring relief
and help growing self belief.
I would water joy like plants,
and give fruitage to all hands.
Sky would sing and all religions
would unite like newborn pigeons.
As the rain, at night and day,
I would teach the world to pray.
Everything will be all right
if we seek our inner light.

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