Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay 

Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay 
I want to be no Rapunzel
I would love to be that village belle
Free to rome the fields and green
Plucking flowers, singing along the streams
No princess locked up in ancient castle
Waiting for the prince charming
I would rather chose my prince
Of the soil while he is farming
I have no great hair to flaunt
I am happy even when the mirror taunts
My eyes may not be like a doe,
Yet in my dreams to far off lands I go!
Let my man be a man of strength
Who rides no horse but has a rare brain
No knight be he, no Adonis,
Yet in his arms would rest my bliss!
Fairy tales I believe none
Let me be a real woman,
One who can face the world
Counter all atrocities at her hurled
A true girl of the mother earth
Whose birth would be of greatworth!
Hardships it is that perfects man
Fairies and magic only can
Happen in fiction and fairy tales
In real life joys and sorrows trail!
Let me be a beckon of truth
Erase all that make mankind uncouth!
A beautiful heaven on earth create
In a glorious way leave her trace!
The Sunshine!
Blocked mind
Arid, drought!
Ideas elope,
Creativity aborted!
Hopelessness strides!
Noises galore arise
Raging madness within
A poet bereft of ideas,
Despair envelopes,
All metaphors
Trapped in scallops!
Not a word emanate
The quill refuses
To bleed!
No imageries spill!
A traveller in Sahara
Unquenched thirst!
A lost sailor,
In the raging sea
Battling the tempest,
Forlorn, sea sick
As can be!
So lonely in a crowd
Beauty draped in shroud!
Luster lost
Scintillating view
The moon seems
On perpetual hiatus
Sunshine invaded
Fog betwixt!
The applique sky
Shall usher clear
Sunrays scattering
The valley of mind
The cloud and fog
Shall dissolve
Words wud brith,
Fresh verse
Shall rhythm find!

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