Poems by Molly Thokwana

Poems by  Molly  Thokwana



molly profil

          Molly  Thokwana




Let me be your poet of the night

let me be your poet of the night
i will crawl my words
to you in distance like the war artisans
write words in abreviations
to dance to the rhythm of your tango
drip more ink on paper so you see my creative writting
droll so many hearts across this paper for you to believe im creative

let me be youR poem of the night

i will sing songs like fun the musician
make it real like its a live show
listen to your every motion
to write a new poem

over and over again

Let me be your poem of the night

because you are my poet for so many days






well im not really an inspirational poet
but everytime he touches my heart i skip a heart beat and i feel so lost it inspires my soul to write more/
feeding for more poetry that comforts my soul i could only imagine of his skin and skin i mean his touch from the rough built hands i see/
see im not really a persuading poet but i gotah tell you he’s a man and he wants to be a man in the house and that man will own what every man wants to own through behavior/
see im not really a deceiving poet but that man stole my heart with looks and i could feel that chanted smell of roses from the air and i waited as i looked as i seeked and as i touched my head shaking to the rhythm of his talk not his smell/
see im not really an emotional poet
but he’s got me praying for him day and night see i told him only i believe in him in prayers but i was so emotional i prayed for him in tears/
see im not really a poet as they say
but the reason im a poet its cos he got me up day and night writing words i only feel not think of
see im not really in love but GOD got me thinking he is the man.





The pain of a black woman

you struck my heart ablazed
left me singing song dedications heart confused
stirred my eyes thy I dripped tears of loss
aching , paining I could have ran miles and said no when u said my love was your love

I was never a rebound
now that it all ended I keep searching for a soul to free me

in pain It seems like everything ended before me
keep remembering and I feel my eyes with blurred pain of gone memories

why u gotah say those words like am nothing
a knife struck to my heart left me bleeding is better than this pain

confused scattered
I have became a stranger to my own joy

why you gottah live me like that

dead memories gone
u will be thot of in times of hate and anger

I threw away a rose u flattered my eyes away with
when I skipped heart beats and I felt new

now im as miserable as rust
I cant even feel nothing
because I lost true love to the day light shadows that search for fame

I was nobody
hoping someday I will be someday
but u tore me apart and I still feel like im nobody

all I need is a soul to free me





rap-final destination

c wen i rap quakes shakes
mic on mah hand i rol it up acappella
sky goin dawn am still standing
flows priceles i hav ambition
niggers hating
i gut guns on ma lines
its da final destination am duin a shut down
no more darknes ma flows brings light
races against me ts war
i be rapping
u be thnkng am clapping
dont mean to brag
buh am th show stopper

ts da final destination

no time to rap
molz on th game 24/7
no time to nap
u be writtng endles scripts 2 defeat me
am undefeatable

the end





Nor love can brake me

my heart was the only thing you could brake
core unsplended you lied before eyes never knew emotions could be so fake

I am no thunder
bounder from danger

limitless undiscovered and damaged by thought
in wonder if all lies were true and truths were lies if caught

my mark of nameless and pathless moments faded in the mist of my tears
potraitless I faded away memories to avoid no harm of mind tease and fears

laughter hidden beneath my sadness
pain hindered beneath the dulges I gulped in madness

uninvantable I stand firm understood only by prayer
hoping no more harm troubles my innocence from all that’s server

praises raining on me as if yesterday was not my grief nor tenderness of emotion
scrambled restored emerged like I drank a potion

still I stand with no fall
still I stand with no fall





they say lav is a feeling nt a choice
lav is every beginning wth no end
lav is colourful wth no dull colours
lav is evry moment wit u

i stood besdz ur grave line and pain tore me apart
nt in a milion times cud i stop and embrac my heart
u told me i was th best u had even though we tore part
paper and pen hav became my dedicatn 2al my pain
im left scar yet i stil hold back
im left lost yet u sleep silenced

i lost my hope nw am lost
my brightest colourz ar nw rust

it shal pass





thoughts and writings

i lay against my pillow and await my dreams

smtmz i feel writing is a curse yet it sets me free

i silence my thoughts 4 minutes and think

perfection,intimination and motivation

i close my eyes and tink of th judges that raised me

i breath heavly and make th inspiration my game

cant stop writing

cant stop reciting

cant stop writng

deeply i go and reminice about my culture

i c pictures ilusioned in my mind as i write silenced

deep i fall

frm th bed i lay and roll

i feel nthng yet i cant grief

my poem is brief

i write becuz poetry is my relief





lyrics(song title – saviour)

through this moment
i came to say i have that
through this moment i know
through the deepest cuts
i came to say this

i am saviour
ur my amour
iam saviour
yur my amour

through this moment
i came to say i have that
through this moment i know
through the deepest cuts
i came to say this

i am saviour
ur my amour
iam saviour
yur my amour

yow i was torn apart u see the pages tear wen i write
state of mah mind i had the stage of mah stand
i had the gun on mah mind
i survived thru mah saviour
saviour saviour
u see rappers rap they say am serious
mah rap makes them serious
am a saviour





my inspiration

yew know what inspires me most of the time ??

i write , rap and sing what i write to inspire
i write what i want to be heard , remembered by .
change will always be my urge of doing my arts
i speak the possible and urge out the facts
i wasnt born with it
i was raised and taught to do it
‘im not a rebound script of holding back
what i write makes me stronger
i never write to please nor plead memories and readers
i write for the urge of change
i write for the peace of free speeches
words can free all of us
words are our land lords
my mood isnt mutual
the pain cant parrell dual
i was made and taught
through words and songs i will free the fight

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