Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
probably I lost chance to board on first train!
yet I lose nothing but buff of time tune to spill over
Since our destination is same may be sooner or later
as I was to my parents yet of being latest by landing!
and I was inscribed in womb of my mother to Christen
as full moon(purnendu) by perfection into stream.
in my first day of school it was me
as subhendu(auspicious moon) as full moon
all through night for white of hues of being late
slithering shadow locked within conk shell
Yet who knows how to decipher nuance of nostalgia
Image wrapped in mirror to hide of heaven
as crux of mystery suffers oblivion
my name goes into hush of oblivion as falling mist
tide weaves to wave one after another
into shore shine I might have come later to share shine
by a cup drink hot or cold either ]
as fairy tales empowers cowboys to dine
with the twilight into veil of evening pristine
onto dregs of drudgery to bough
for void to bail out from dark sheath of night.
Beauty sees it’s image in mirror of cadence
silence still feels resonance in eyes of night blind.
at the traffic square all vehicles are blind to move across voices of city forward.
Crown of kingdom forgets parole of oath to placate fobidden city of mortal breath
who am to awake on to dregs of night to cradle million’s dream of fantasy
empathy slumbers to flay the bone of tomorrow to shy of salvation.
in between your heart and head quatum of distance leaps up from Earth to heaven.
today’s humanity Is a dead log of unstinting memory from time immemorial to exalt in dew fed green of tomorrow
neither you nor I knows mystery of universe longing to belong grain of blue for emancipation of salvation
prologue of freedom promises to epilogue soliloquy of history…
humanity is just a puppet show in hands unknown
as mute and mellowed voices pledge to perverse of dreads m
Heart within raptures to bounce up into spring of dream,
like ocean to tide up in reflection
brims of elightenment heaves to sigh of joy by adoration.
light of love arrays to spark like impulsion
red awes to brace up deepest
assonance trembles to sustain beauty of blue.in cusp of kiss,
like syllables engrosses vibes of sweet words to admire.
dulcet dawn embrsces dew as blessings from.heaven
tranquil.breath of airiness smooches fragrant blossoms to swaddle
soul resurrects to attire bounty bliss like shining crysla of white abounds to sparkle beyond vision.
@dr.subhendu kar.

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